Things To Consider Before Buying A Body Armor

Body Armor

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Body armors are made to protect your body from the injuries caused by bullets and firearms. Many people believe that protective vests are only made for security personnel and no layperson and purchase it. But with the advent of crime in the streets, it is important that a layperson should also protect themselves from uncalled events that may cost them their lives. Body armors have evolved through the ages. There was a time when people fought battles with arrows and spears, and to prevent any injury from those weapons, armors were made of some specific metals. Then came the era of fighting with swords, and thus the armor style changed. But today, people don’t fight with the help of old-school weapons. There are guns and ammunition which can cause serious wounds that can be prevented with the help of protective vests made from a specific garment made to resist bullet attacks. 

But before you decide to purchase body armor, you should consider the following things:

The material used:

It is important to select the armor made of ballistic material because when the bullet hits someone, each of the ballistic layers has to bear the pressure and then disburse the energy of the impact on the vest. The thing you need to know is that a protective vest is resilient to the bullets. If the primary purpose is not fulfilled and what is the fun of investing in such a thing that will not ensure your safety. So, ensure that you are going to purchase a protective vest that is made of good quality ballistic material.

NIJ standards:

National Institute of Justice conducts different tests before the armor is available for use. Before you purchase the body armor, you must check those ratings to help you make a better decision in buying the best armor for you. The ratings are based on blunt force impact on the body, which ranges from IIA to IIIA. 

Make sure to ask the questions to the person who is assisting you in the store while you are making a choice. You might not know about the NIJ rating, but the people at the store who supply ballistic vests are well informed about the levels. So ask them to make sure that you are making a good choice. 

Body fit:

Armors are designed to protect you, but when the fit is not comfortable, your money will go in vain no matter how good quality stuff it is made of. Body armor is supposed to be a proper fit so that you don’t have to be uncomfortable while wearing it. Body armors should cover your front back and sides of the torso. Get measured before you buy body armor. Do not invest your money in purchasing the protective vest just for the sake of buying it. If it is not your size, it is not for you. You should not have to worry about keeping the vest intact while you are in an event. 

Maintenance of your armor:

You are going to spend your money on the protective vest that will ensure your safety at every stage of your life, so this is your one-time investment. You will not go buying the ballistic vest again and again just because you didn’t pay attention to its maintenance.

 Ensure to select the armor that can be easily maintained and can be with you for the long term. Ask the assistants in the store about the maintenance of the armor you select. Ask for the ways in which you keep it clean. Make sure to wash it regularly and use the right kind of detergents. 

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