How to Throw an Epic Barbecue Party With Friends and Family

How to Throw an Epic Barbecue Party With Friends and Family

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We humans have grilled and roasted meat over a fire ever since our existence began. Even in our modern world, something primal tickles in most of us at the sight and scent of meat over a smoky fire.

Nowadays, there is some debate over whether we should still eat meat due to its environmental impacts or health concerns. Despite this, people still flock to the sound of a sizzling grill.

Have you been aching for the taste of a good grilled burger? Chomping at the bit to enjoy a good barbeque party with friends and family again? No worries! Our guide will give you some handy tips to host the best backyard barbeque bash.

Style and Theme

When hosting a barbeque party, or any party for that matter, you need to consider what sort of style and theme you want to use for it. You can certainly dress up a barbeque party like a gastropub event. However, chances are, your guests are looking for something a bit less high-brow or haute cuisine.

Some of the most common barbeque party ideas include:

The Big Game

Whether you’re celebrating the Super Bowl with a massive tailgating party provided by, following the latest soccer matches, or want to gather around the grill for America’s favorite pastime, there are always sporting events to enjoy with friends. Sporting events that pair exceptionally well with staple arena foods like burgers and hot dogs. Stock up on loads of team colors and logo-plastered paraphernalia, and you’ve got a backyard tailgating party ready to go.

Lazy Pool Days

If you don’t want a strict theme and just want an excuse to chill in a pool for a bit while enjoying some good food, this is the way to go. The pool party is one of the most common barbeque party themes with good reason. It gives you a chance to enjoy some sizzling summer foods and cool off right after.

The True American Pastime

Of course, we can’t talk about hosting a backyard barbeque party without discussing the 2-to-3 major American holidays where such parties crop up. You can pretty well count on star-spangled banners decorating the backyards of most gathered Americans on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day (which has a unique history, as far as holidays go). So, if you want to host a party on one of these days, break out the red, white, and blue alongside the barbeque.

Let’s Talk Barbeque Foods for a Party

Of course, the food is the main draw for any barbeque party. So, let’s talk about what you can bring to the table at your next backyard bash.

The Meats

What meats you choose to offer at your barbeque party will vary greatly depending on your cultural background and the event in question. Some Hawaiians love tearing into a huge pig that’s been roasting in the ground all day. Folks in the Southern US will tear into hash made from pork, beef, or venison.

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with some good old grilled burgers and hot dogs!

The only real consensus is that you need your meats grilled or smoked. If you really want to nail that smokey flavor, check out this guide to the best reverse flow smoker options you can find today!

The Sides

What sides you offer at your barbeque party depends as much on your culture as the meats, as this is where you can add personal, cultural flair. Latine families might incorporate street corn and arepas into their barbeques, while Asian families work in kimchi, soy flavors, and other unique touches. Some families have baked beans at their barbeques, others have coleslaw or pasta salads.

Your sides can skew healthier, like green, fruity salads with light dressings. Or, they can go heavier and include offerings like macaroni and cheese. It all depends on what flavor profiles you want to cater to during your party.

The Drinks and Desserts

If you’re hosting this event during the summer, you can’t go wrong with a variety pack of beers and wine coolers. However, if the party’s age demographic skews a bit younger, you might consider making a special blend of punch or providing sodas. 

As far as desserts go, ice cream works best for a summer event. However, if you really want to capture that nostalgic late-summer or early-fall vibe, you can always roast marshmallows and craft s’mores in your backyard for that taste of campfire nostalgia. Or, if you want to offer healthier foods, grilled fruit makes a great sweet treat.

Get Entertained With These Barbeque Party Games

Now that we’ve covered the theme and the food, let’s talk about what you can do to keep your barbeque party guests entertained. Grilling or smoking can take a while, and you don’t want your guests to get bored and leave.

If you have access to a TV in your backyard, especially a smart TV, you can use it to play console video games or run other game-like apps. You can also set up the classics of with good quality cornhole bags, horseshoe tossing, and sack racing. Or, if you have the tools for it, turn your backyard into your own personal water park.

Whatever you decide to set up, make sure that you can clean it up yourself. Nothing makes a backyard look more run-down than lingering party decorations long after the guests have left.

Ready to Host a Barbeque Party? Let’s Review the Basics

So, think you’re ready to host your own barbeque party? Let’s review the basics.

If you want to host the best possible barbeque bash, you need to plan ahead for your theming and decor. Then, settle on your menu and look for recipes that will be real crowd-pleasers. Then, as long as you keep the drinks coming and your guests entertained, you’ll have a successful party!

Did you find this guide to hosting a barbeque party helpful? Would you like to read more like it? If so, then check out our blog each day for more content like this.

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