Why Would A Younger Woman Choose An Older Man For Herself? 

Why Would A Younger Woman Choose An Older Man For Herself? 

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Umer Malik

As a society, we are slowly going closer towards being more warm and receptive to other people’s lifestyles and choices rather than binding them in stringent boxes of what should and should not be. Tradition is not completely breaking, it’s only paving the way forward for newer and modern lifestyles. That applies very much in the context of romantic relationships too. From casual dating to polyamory to female-led relationships to younger women older men relationships, the dating world is growing to be more and more experimental (and, for good!). Out of all those relationships, the younger women older men dynamic is one that is the topic of hot debate these days. Gaining smirks from some and awe from others, it’s an interesting new take on love, but it’s not that it didn’t exist before. Traditional relationships in the movies, books and even our own parents have always taught us that love is often only between those who are somewhat close in age. That romance is between high-school lovers or youngsters on a path-breaking journey to figure out their lives together. 

But putting numbers to love has always been unfair in the first place. And to call the young women gold-diggers for falling for an older man, just makes the whole thing much more one-sided. 

What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man? 

Many women mature emotionally much faster than their male counterparts. So say a woman who is 24, may not even find the right companion for herself who is 26. Perhaps she will grow to be attracted to a man who is much older, much more secure and offers more of what she’s aiming to become in life. 

As a woman nears the age of her child-bearing years or is simply ready to settle down and get married, it’s possible she wants to leave the frivolity of casual relationship far behind and indulge in a younger women older men kind of relationship to be with a man who has seen the world much more than her. 

That being said, there is much more that attracts a younger woman to an older man. Here are a few of those. 

1. Older men offer a sense of responsibility 

A man who has been through a lot of serious relationships (perhaps even a marriage) knows better than to leave his socks lying around the house or forget to turn the dryer on. He’s done this a lot and clearly has become seasoned at being a good boyfriend and a partner. This responsibility and experience is what definitely attracts younger women to older men. They feel much more at ease in this way. 

Dealing with a woman’s mood swings, knowing how to placate an angry wife are all things they’ve become completely skilled at. This accounts for major brownie points in a relationship. And that’s why, older men take the cake! 

2. Some women have daddy issues 

Not speaking for all here, but some women are often attracted to older men because of their own repressed thoughts which they may not even be entirely aware of. When a woman has had problems with her father during her formative years, this could reveal itself in her romantic relationships with men in the future. 

A bad relationship with her dad might make her seek a better and more stable one with an older man later on. To feel taken care of, loved and cherished by a mature person who resembles all that she lacked in her younger years, becomes the forefront of the relationship. 

3. Older men are more understanding 

The thing with younger men is that they’re figuring out themselves just as much as you are. So as a woman, it is possible that you may want to seek someone who is sorted, understands and can actually guide you on a better path. Older men have seen enough to know better than younger guys which is exactly what attracts women to themselves. 

They don’t really get into squabbles over petty little things and will certainly not barrage you with phone calls because you were busy at work and couldn’t respond to their text. They’ll give you your space, let you be and treat you like a grown up woman. 

This is exactly why the younger women older men dynamic is so successful among couples these days. Older men who have just gotten out of a divorce or have just chosen to be single for a while, may be intrigued to be dating a new, modern independent woman who will teach her a thing or two about what dating is like these days. 

And on the other hand, the women are seeking a sense of security, purpose and want to share a goal and life with a man who is ready to settle down. Sounds like a win-win to us! 

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