3 Tips for Starting Out As a Voice Actor

3 Tips for Starting Out As a Voice Actor

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

There’s TV, film, and theater acting, but none of them is quite like voice acting. You might have come across the acting in the anime industry, from the popular dragon ball to a fairytale and even dragon ball z kai. There’s a vast difference and gap between being a voice actor and being in film or theater, even though they all fall under the beautiful world of art and storytelling. Despite how loosely related these two kinds of actions are, it’s no surprise that many who venture into film or theater also choose to try their hands on voice acting and pursue a career in the voice-over world.

The world of voice acting is fun, with plenty of opportunities given to these actors to thrive in the industry and enjoy magnificent pay. You might be after a significant career change or need an additional skill to drive forward your current acting goals. Whichever you fall under, we’ve curated the best tips to help those who are just starting.

1. Educate yourself about the profession.

As with every other profession one might be interested in, and you need to educate yourself on what voice acting entails in detail. There are dozens of great books online and in bookshops, where all technicalities are described in simple terms – although, books, podcasts, and videos can never beat real-life training. Whether you want to be in a TV show or become an anime voice actor, try as much as possible to sign up for a voice acting class.

You’re highly likely to come across many voice acting classes if you’re in any major city, but if you’re not, you might have to consider enrolling in an online voice training class. These classes typically involve you sitting and doing voice exercises to improve not just your voice but yourself.

When choosing classes, you can enroll for both voice-over classes and general voice lesions. The difference between these two is that, in general, voice classes help teach you the proper breathing techniques, voice control, voice warm-ups, elocution, and other aspects that’ll help improve your voice-over skills.

2. Join a community.

What’s better than practicing being the best voice actor with a plethora of voice roles? Working with others to hone and improve your craft! There’s nothing better than being a part of a voice acting community, especially when you’re just starting. There is so much competition in the acting world, but more so for voice-over acting, as you might find it difficult to meet friends working to become just like you.

As much as possible, surround yourself with people pursuing a voice-over acting career. Making this journey alone can get lonesome, and it might cause you to lose focus on your goals. Having a community allows you to find great tips for your gigs, encouragement when you feel like giving up, and consultation on the best ways to ace your auditions. To find voice-over acting communities, try searching online for blogs on voice-over acting or by asking your fellow lesson mates in acting school.

3. Establish your brand.

As an acting professional in the voice acting world, you’ll most likely start independently with no form of management. This means you’ll be in charge of creating and maintaining your brand. Acting is a business; thus, acting makes you and your voice a business.

If you wish to be a successful freelance actor with lots of gigs coming in, you’ll need to focus a lot on your brand. You could start by making use of social media to your advantage. Set up a website and accounts of different but relevant social media platforms to help promote your work. Work with a consistent theme, show off your portfolio with as much information about yourself as possible, and if you’re up for it, a few blog posts that share your journey to becoming the world-renowned tv show voice acting genius you are set out to be.