Tips to Choose Women’s Sandals without compromising Comfort or Style 

Women’s Sandals

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Women’s sandals are a summer wardrobe staple that ladies can adorn with different clothes, such as dresses and pants. When it comes to selecting any footwear, comfort and good looks are essential. You will get a lot of varieties that match your choices, like women’s sandals AU. So, keep reading to find more about what makes sandals comfortable and how to style your clothes all over them. 

Choose the Correct Size 

When shopping for sandals, there are a few particulars to note. Ensure your toes do not lean over the shoe front; the same applies to your heels. Your foot must fit easily in the sandal footbed. Just as you do not need small sandals, you also do not need them to be very big. So, check your feet and measure them next to the size chart to make sure they fit correctly. Sometimes, you may require to increase or decrease a half-size for the best fit. 

Shop for the Look 

There are sandals for all occasions. If you are visiting the pool or beach, consider flat sandals that are waterproof and dry quickly. Flip-flops are great when you wear swimsuits. They are made to hold exposure to sun and water, and they give a soft feel under your feet. If you catch sand on them, you can flush them off with water, and they will get dry in a bit. 

If you are searching for cute sandals to wear on casual weekends, go for a pair of Espadrilles. This style of sandal is often made from cotton canvas for style and durability. They are offered in many colors to go with your favorite clothes.  

One more type of sandal to go for is all-weather walking sandals. This footwear is made to keep your feet relaxed, no matter how many steps you walk. A significant feature you will require in a walking sandal is an outsole made of rubber for friction on smooth surfaces. This sandal matches all from women’s khaki shorts to skorts, which involves the appearance of a skirt with the restfulness and coverage of shorts. 

Date night requires a sandal with a seducer style. Think of pairing leather slingback wedge sandals with your preferred sundress, or choose a leather slingback mule with a small heel. This type of sandal has a belt all over the heel for a comfortable fit, so your feet will not slip out when you step up. 

Make an Organized Look 

Now that we have discussed how to select cozy sandals for all occasions let us find out more about fashion alternatives. As specified, sundresses go well with sandals. This dress style is very adaptable—you can wear it the whole day. But if you choose a skirt, you can wear a midi or maxi skirt with styles offered in women’s sandals AU

Women’s shorts also look appealing with different styles of sandals. For instance, you could wear Bermuda shorts with an open-toe slide sandal for a random, beachside look. Slides come in several colors. Thus, getting a pair that matches your remaining outfit is simple. 

You can even try sandals with jeans. High-rise jeans with an interwoven top and heeled wedges are an in-trend attire that works for any casual event. Capri also looks amazing with sandals, and they involve a summery look that is best for wearing on holidays. 

It is not essential that your sandal color should match your clothes, but you definitely can do so if that is the style you choose. One more way to wear sandals is to vary the color of your clothes. Say, if you are wearing a little black dress, add the bang of rich color with red sandals. Or, add the variation of a bright-colored outfit with sandals in an inactive tone like white, black, or sand. 

Care for Your Sandals 

Keeping your sandals in the best condition can assist them to stay longer. It also confirms they keep a like-new look, whether you have worn them during summer. The best method to wash your sandals relies on the material from which they are created. Artificial and some natural materials can be cleaned with a mild detergent and lukewarm water, then air-dried. A soft-bristled brush can be employed to take out the dirt. 

If you wear leather sandals, do not submerge them in water. Leather sandals are not suggested to wear under bathing suits at the pool or beach as you do not wish them to get very wet. You can clean them with a cloth that has been lightly soaked with an identical mix of water and white vinegar and a smooth cloth to keep them neat and stop stains.  


So, you know how to pick a style and look after sandals; you have to shop at women’s sandals AU. Even if you are looking for casual sandals for your annual holidays or stylish, comfortable sandals for a unique occasion, Ipanema has a range of comfortable women’s sandals to support your feet in all seasons.

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