Tips to Easily Build an Online Catalog

Tips to Easily Build an Online Catalog

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Designing a beautiful online catalog from a PDF is simple, but complex at the same time. There are several digital catalog publishing solutions available and the choices can feel overwhelming. It’s important to research options and try out free trials to find the platform that works best for you.

Converting your static PDF to a digital catalog provides numerous benefits. Notoriously, PDFs are not available across all devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers); there is no way to track data and analytics; there are few, if any, interactive elements; and it is frustrating for your users to download the PDF. An online catalog provides these benefits, and more. Online catalog software transforms your static PDFs into stunning, immersive experiences optimized for all devices. This article provides tips about creating an online catalog that works for you.

Follow Design Principles

The first tip when creating your online catalog is to gather your content information together, along with images. Design and layout your PDF file. It is best to follow basic graphic design principles of contrast, balance, emphasis, movement, white space, and proportion. This will create a flipbook that stands out to your consumers. You want the layout to stimulate the eye but not overwhelm the viewer. A good rule is to keep it simple.

Choose photos that emphasize your text. The best photos to place in your flipbook are high-quality images to further enhance your catalog layout. Incorporate current image and design trends to a point – you want to create a timeless aesthetic.

Following these principles of design and choosing the best images will help you to craft an aesthetically pleasing PDF catalog.

Add Interactive Elements

Once you are ready with the PDF file, upload the publication to the digital publishing platform you have chosen, and finish designing your online catalog. Customize the flipbook to match your brand standards and tailor the logo and background colors to be in sync with your company’s aesthetic. Increase engagement by making the flipbook interactive. Add links, gif images, pop-ups, a table of contents tab, and more. Add rich-media elements such as video and audio clips, image pop-ups, and links to external videos.

A well-developed digital publishing software will provide you with the features you need to enhance your flipbook. Adding interactive elements increases engagement and reach. Your viewers will feel empowered to participate in the content, rather than being passive observers.

Distribute The Catalog

Now you have a beautifully laid out and designed catalog. The next thing to do is to share it with your audience. Distribute the link in your marketing emails, embed it in your website, or share it via social media. Online catalogs are able to be shared with a much wider audience. Investing the time to create a stunning catalog will increase brand engagement, reach, sales, and revenue.  

Creating a powerhouse online catalog from a PDF is simple with a good digital catalog publishing solution and a little time to design. Keep the design and layout simple, with a timeless aesthetic, and include interactive elements to boost engagement. Your online catalog will work for you.

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