7 Tips on How to Find the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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In 2017, CDC published a troubling report that showed that birth injuries in the USA were “on the rise.” Sadly, maternal deaths were among the highest when compared to other First World countries. Many of these congenital disabilities are caused by medical malpractice, along with several fatalities! CNBC reported three years ago that medical malpractice constituted the third leading cause of death in the United States. But only 2% of victims sue the healthcare practitioner responsible for this calamity. Even then, a massive 85,000 medical malpractice lawsuits are filed annually. The chances of your lawsuit being successful can multiply if you’ve hired a competent lawyer. So, read some tips on finding the best medical malpractice lawyer to sue a doctor:

Ask for Suggestions

Don’t interview random lawyers to handle your medical malpractice lawsuit. Instead, ask around for a well-known and positively-reviewed person as your potential attorney. Millions of cases are filed annually in state trial courts, so someone in your contacts might have worked with a personal injury lawyer. You should also search online, visit a lawyer’s website, and read reviews to know what your options are. A simple Google search will show you a list of lawyers around your area.

Do Your Research

As the plaintiff, you should conduct proper research about medical malpractices and whether your case qualifies as a case of negligent caregiving. For instance, most children suffer from minor issues during delivery that can heal on their own. But some injuries destroy the newborn’s future. So, learn about birth injuries of newborn children and how they differ from birth defects. Understand the risk factor and ensure that your case qualifies as a doctor/nurse negligent event.

Consider Their Experience

It’s imperative to hire someone with the right experience in this field to handle your cause. So, it would help if you asked your potential attorney about medical malpractice cases they’ve handled previously. They can explain whether they have worked with a plaintiff who brought a problem similar to your case. Also, frankly ask about their track record and previous achievements with malpractice lawsuits while necessarily expecting a well-calculated response. Just let them self-evaluate themselves.

Check Their Credentials

Don’t forget to ask about the lawyer’s credentials for ensuring that you’re speaking with someone qualified enough to handle your case. A competent and well-experienced attorney will gladly show you their credentials and qualifications. It would be best if you learned about their academic accomplishments and professional accreditations. If an attorney is reluctant to answer this question, consider this a major reason you shouldn’t hire that person. So, ask about their educational background honestly.

Check Their Fees

You should employ the services of an efficient but cost-effective legal firm. Don’t hesitate when it comes to asking about your potential attorney’s fee structure. Hopefully, you want to clarify the monetary aspects of your lawsuit before hiring that person as your legal representative. So, frankly, discuss the payment structure beforehand. Many lawyers receive payment based on the success of your lawsuit. So, if they lose, you don’t owe them a single dollar! Try to avail of these offers then.

Ask About Resources

Which resources does this law firm bring to help with your case? Working with some resourceful attorneys is essential since a medical malpractice lawsuit consumes plenty of time/energy. These cases often take years before being resolved. So, it would be best if you leveraged that law firm’s infrastructure to strengthen the lawsuit. It means that your lawyer must be able to bring more legal experts when the time arises.

Moreover, these cases require extensive investigation that involves interrogations, requests for information, and several depositions. So, your lawyer must be capable enough to help you work through this procedure efficiently. That’s why you must find the best lawyer available!

Check for Compatibility

Every lawyer comes with a fresh style. So, are you compatible with the one you’re interviewing? It’s essential to hire someone you’re comfortable working with and whose personality traits do not bother you. Do you prefer someone who remains professional or the one who speaks like a buddy? Make sure that you two are compatible before hiring that person. Many lawyers today offer a free consultation session where you may discuss your case without being charged anything. So, you must take advantage of this opportunity and interview as many attorneys as you can. It’ll help you find an attorney who doesn’t just seem compatible but efficient, affordable, and also well-experienced.


We’ve already discussed how medical malpractice became the third leading cause of death in the USA in the past decade. A Johns Hopkins study claimed that 250,000 people at least lose their lives from errors made by medical experts. Only cancer and heart diseases kill more people than medical mistakes! Also, 7 out of 1,000 American children will suffer from a birth injury – a study shows. Many of these injuries are preventable but shall be caused by negligent healthcare practitioners. Victims of this negligent care delivery should file lawsuits against the party responsible for malpractice by hiring an experienced and well-qualified medical malpractice lawyer. So, ask your contacts and search online to find the best legal services you can get.


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