5 Effective Tips to Follow for SoundCloud Music Promotion

5 Effective Tips to Follow for SoundCloud Music Promotion

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

SoundCloud used to be a platform that share and discuss music and recordings of several musicians. Later, it converted into a medium to promote music and transformed into a site for publishing and distribution of music. Afterward, it has grown and become one of the biggest platforms for musicians worldwide.

With more than 175 million visitors monthly SoundCloud provides thousands of songs for music lovers all over the world. It has given boost many music artists in their careers. Still, many artists, despite having good quality music produced, struggle to get fame with their music on the platform.

So, here are 5 important tips that you can apply to get effective SoundCloud music promotion:

Get SoundCloud pro unlimited account:

If you are an artist and you are now on SoundCloud, the platform gives you a chance to upload a free 3 hours of music. However, if you are ready to spare some extra money, it is always recommended that you get a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account. With 6 hours of music, it allows you with some other features like enhanced analytics and the ability to hide or disable any comment.

Customize your profile:

Your profile page is the face value of your musicSo, it needs a good amount of attention from you. Here are some suggestions for making a good profile-

  • Choose a username that goes with your real name or the name you want to use in your career.
  • Set a profile picture that should attract people’s eyes to the profile.
  • Choose the profile cover wisely. It can be from your achievements or poster of your latest release or any latest event and tour.
  • Put a bio in the about section which should reflect everything about you: your passion for music, your achievements, successful events, and collaboration

High-quality music:

Music is the ultimate thing that will bring you the stardom you want. So, you have to focus on providing good quality music to your listeners. Adding to this, you have to be aware of the social media trends that you can use as keywords in music to make it trendy. Moreover, good music will build for you an honest and devoted fanbase. 

Promote your SoundCloud on your social handles: 

You should keep sharing your SoundCloud profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And every time you upload a song, you should keep your followers and friends on social media aware of that. You need to be active and have to speak out about your music on Social media. Share your journey, hurdles, and passion. By doing so, you will be able to bring more engagement on SoundCloud as well as on Social media. 

Music Marketing:

Well, with the accessibility of the Internet, it has now become tougher to rise as a musician. Many good singers are often ignored or get attention years after the release. A Music promotion company can reduce the time with more effectiveness. A promotion Company creates a banner for you, publishes several blogs and articles in different digital magazines, and promotes your music on renowned social media pages. By doing so, they try to bring a maximum number of audiences to your SoundCloud profile.

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