6 Easy Tips to Give a Unique Colorful look to your Mascara Packaging

Mascara Packaging

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

The basic purpose of Packaging is to secure the product and protect it from damage. But when it comes to cosmetics, your product packaging performs multiple functions. Brands must work on the external look of their cosmetic packages to engage the buyers more. Mascara is one of the essential makeup items. Its demand is increasing among women of all ages. The product is packed in well-designed custom mascara boxes to add more worth to the items. This gives them an artistic and charming appearance that is hard to ignore. Furthermore, if you want to create a distinct brand identity in the market, you can work on some interesting ideas to make your Packaging more admirable. Let us have a look at six easy tips that can make a good contribution in this regard:

An Appropriate Color Selection: 

Selecting the right color palette for your mascara boxes is an important factor to consider giving it an appealing display. Right colors can give a unique and attractive look to your Packaging, while dull ones can make it un-noticeable on shelves. Packaging experts also recommend studying color psychology before finalizing a particular color scheme for your brand. For example, if your target audience is women above 30s, they might like elegant colors. You may also go for a silver or gold foil mascara box to add a classic look. On the other hand, for teenage girls, the use of vibrant and eye-catchy colors is the best way to grab their attention more. It is also wise to have a color palette that represents your branding theme well. Experiment with several shades of that hue. Such color choices make your brand different from the rest of the alternatives.

1. Use of Earthy Floral Designs:

Colorful patterns and attractive illustrations fascinate human eyes. They create an everlasting impact on the customers by giving a unique appearance to your custom mascara boxes. If you love to experiment with something new, let’s go for earthy and floral designs. They add more color with a luxurious feel to your packaging boxes. The use of such patterns makes your products jump off the shelves by attracting a large audience. It’s your choice whether you want to extend this floral theme all along with the box or keep it limited on the top of your mascara packaging. Use these printed floral patterns with simple typography is the best way to give it a unique and colorful look. 

2. Go for Premium-Quality Printing:

When it comes to packaging cosmetic items like mascara, the role of printing techniques can’t be ignored. The way you print your boxes creates a notable difference in their display. Different high-quality printing options are available in the market to provide you with the best results. Digital, offset and screen printing are some of the commonly used options to design your custom mascara boxes. By using them, you can imprint beautiful designs and colorful patterns to impress the target audience. It’s your choice whether you want to keep your Packaging minimalistic or go for bold and eye-catchy colors. Some brands also love experimenting with a dark theme to create a distinct brand identity among hundreds of similar-looking products placed on retail shelves. Lamination and special finishing effects like embossing, foil stamping, aqueous coating, and UV coating, etc., can be applied to your printed mascara boxes to enhance their appeal. 

3. Metalized Boxes:

Adding a metallic feel to your mascara packaging is another effective way to set your brand apart from the competition. It adds a luxurious and classic look that makes you achieve your goals more easily. Metallic boxes come basically in two categories, i.e., gold foil boxes and silver foil boxes. It’s your choice whether you want to go for metallic foiling on your entire box or go for a particular pattern to add a spark. A metallic look makes your casing more charming, letting customers pick up your items. Some cosmetic brands think that these foil boxes are highly cost as they are designed from cardboard and a sheet of aluminum, so their cost remains affordable. You can easily use them for your mascara packaging without breaking your bank. It’s the reason that they are used frequently for the Packaging of high-end commodities like perfumes, watches, and several other cosmetic products. 

4. Add on Some Exciting Fonts:

Another easy tip to make your mascara boxes more engaging is to add on some exciting fonts. Bespoke fonts on the packages appear unique and fascinating to attract buyers. Colorful prints, along with some exciting fonts, give a pro look to your products. So, whenever you create custom mascara boxes, never forget to work on your typography to boost the beauty of an item. If your Packaging is already colorful with rich designs, go for minimal fonts to get more out of it. An attractive font style leaves a memorizing impact on customers. It gives a unique look to your packages reflecting the elegance and class of your brand. 

5. Exclusive shaped Packaging:

The shape of your Packaging is an interesting element to experiment with. Most of the leading makeup brands generate more profit by using uniquely shaped mascara boxes. Packaging is an inspiration that holds a vital place to impact the buyers. The customers of today also love experimenting with new designs and shapes to explore something new. The choices are unlimited. Depending upon the types of mascara, you can select from long rectangular boxes, circular boxes, hexagonal boxes, triangular boxes, square boxes, and a lot more. You may also go for window patching or die-cutting to make your products highlighted on shelves.

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