3 Things to Look For When Shopping For Quality Modern Furniture

Quality Modern Furniture

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Are you in the market for new furniture but unsure if you should go the cheap route or spring for something more expensive? The average couch sells for $1000, which is not a small purchase for most. If you buy furniture for staging where nobody will sit on it, cheaper furniture is the best route. However, if you want to purchase furniture for high-traffic areas like the living room, you will want to look for high-quality furniture that will last. So how do you know you are buying a good piece of furniture? Please read our guide below on three tips on how to spot quality modern furniture.

1. Types of Wood

When looking for quality modern furniture online, pay close attention to the type of wood in the piece of furniture. Ash, oak, walnut, and mahogany are a few of the best types of wood. They are long-lasting and durable.

Make sure to stay away from particle board, as this is usually in cheaper furniture. Particleboard is made from wood pulp, plastics, and resin and does not hold up to heavy use. If you need something quick and inexpensive, this is an ideal option, but if you are looking for long-lasting and good quality modern furniture, stick to the types of wood mentioned above.

If you are searching for beautiful handmade furniture, make sure to check out Wilbur Davis Studios. They have sustainability in mind, as they only use high-quality FSC-certified lumber.

2. Cushions and Upholstery

Something that may not be at the forefront of your thoughts when choosing your new furniture is the ease of removing the cushions. However, it would be best to make sure the cushions are easily removable on pieces like couches, dining chairs, and armchairs. Checking for removable cushions will save you a ton of trouble later when there is a stain, and you need to wash it.

High quality modern furniture brands sometimes have the option to choose the type and color of the upholstery material. You may even be able to select all the details down to the hardware on the furniture.

3. Glue, Nails, Screws, and Joints

The best quality modern furniture will not have any visible glue, staples, and nails. Most carpenters making long-lasting furniture will typically use screws and joints to piece the table and chairs together. You should not see any visible hardware holding the couch or chair together if it is high quality.

Bonus Quality Modern Furniture Tip

Knots in the wood are common, and some prefer the look. However, knots are weak spots in the wood. If you see a table with lots of knots in it, it will be more vulnerable than a table with significantly less visible knots.

Since knots are weaker, this is why many carpenters shy away from using pine wood, which is a particularly knotty wood.

Now You Are Ready to Shop

Now that you know the three things to look out for when searching for quality modern furniture, you are now ready to apply your new knowledge and buy some fantastic pieces for your home!

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