Top 5 Tips For Finding a Cheap Apartment in Nagoya

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If you’re looking for an apartment in Nagoya, Japan, prepare to be disappointed. It’s not that the city doesn’t have a lot of affordable options — it just can’t seem to find them. Renting in this city has some of the highest prices in the world according to rental site Zumper; however, there are still ways you can save money on your new place before you purchase it. Below are five tips to help you find a cheap apartment in Nagoya.

1. Stay Flexible With Location

Nagoya is a big city and there are lots of different areas to live in. If you’re a student, you’ll be wanting to stay close to campus, but if you’re working at an established firm, you may have a bit more flexibility. Consider living further away from the city center, where most of the best apartments are located near JR Nagoya Station and Saiin Station. Alternatively, consider going to the outer suburbs of Nagoya, which are still relatively close. However, there tend to be fewer apartments here, so you may want to go further out to the mountainous areas around the city. If you would like a more modern and traditional area that’s closer to downtown, consider living in Naka Ward.

2. Check The Availability Of Utilities

Even if an apartment appears cheap, it could be more expensive than other potential locations if the landlord charges a high price for each utility. They might include it in the monthly rent, but if you plan to stay there longer than six months, you’ll be better off asking the landlord to pay for the utilities out of that income. In some apartments, each person pays the water bill and electricity bills are included in the rent. However, since most power is supplied by private companies, you’ll need to purchase this service separately.

3. Check The Availability Of Communal Spaces

In Japan, communal spaces in apartments are called “danchi”, which means that they are publicly managed. If they’re not included in your rent, you can usually put a request in to have them added. However, you might be required to pay rent separately for these spaces and this could end up being more expensive than simply paying the extra rent for your apartment. Also, spaces could be limited depending on the number of people living in your apartment.

4. Ask for a Discount

While making your offer, ask the landlord if they can give you discounts on the rent. These discounts could be as high as 10%. You should also be aware of your rights under Japanese law, which authorizes landlords to evict tenants who fall behind on paying their rent. They must first send a notice 14 days prior to eviction; however, this should not be used as a means for landlords to extract more money from you.

Ask for a Discount

5. Ask your friends and family

If you have friends that are making the move to Nagoya and they have a place to stay, ask them if you can use their apartment. This is how I got into my apartment and I’m sure there are other people out there who are in a similar situation.


Nagoya is an expensive city to rent in, with prices as high as Tokyo. However, there are still many areas where you can find cheap apartments. Be flexible with space and location, take into account the cost of utilities, check to see if communal spaces are available, and ask for discounts. If that doesn’t work out, ask your friends if you can crash on their couch for a few days.

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