Top Canadian Copper Companies

Top Canadian Copper Companies

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The shiny metal canadian copper is uniquely consumed for a wide range of applications in varied fields. Copper acts as the key component for various goods and services, which has contributed to keeping the world running at a fast pace. With the valuable combination of its physical and chemical properties, copper is recognized as one of the most useful and precious metals. 

Global Usage of Copper

Numerous processes are involved in extracting copper from ores that include crushing and grinding of ore, froth flotation, roasting, smelting with fluxes, conversion of matte into the copper blister, anode casting, and electrolytic refining. The global copper demand was around 27 million tonnes recorded in 2014, in which 23 million tonnes were met by refined production and remaining with direct melt scrap. 

The modern world’s demand for copper has increased over the past 25 years. The report of the US Geological Survey has continuously implied since 1950 that the 40 years of copper reserves and 200 years of resource is available on an average. 

Canadian Companies

Collective Mining is significantly involved in mineral exploration on a large-scale copper-gold-molybdenum porphyry target. Collective Mining stock is with TSX Venture. The company follows the principled approach towards a sustainable environment.

Canadian copper companies contributed to meeting the global copper demand by producing 543,608 tonnes of copper concentrate in 2019. You should know that the Canadian copper companies significantly contributed to copper production are listed as follows:-

  1. First Quantum Mineral Ltd. (FM.TO)

Sector-Non-Energy Minerals


Headquarter-Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This Canadian-based mining and metal company is involved in the exploration, development, and mining of copper. Copper production was accounted for 80% of revenue in 2016. The common share is also on Toronto Stock Exchange for trading. This company has mining operations in Latin America, Africa, and Australia on an international level.

  1. Teck Resources Ltd. (TECK.B.TO)

Sector-Non-Energy Mineral

Industry-Metal and Mining

Headquarter- Vancouver, Canada

The diversified natural resource company was known as Teck Cominco until late 2008. Teck Resources is effectively engaged in the mining and mineral development of copper. Other produce includes lead, germanium, silver, gold, cadmium, indium, and molybdenum. This company produced 324,000 tonnes of copper from its mines in North and South America in the year 2016. 

  1. Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX.TO)

Sector- Non-energy metal

Industry-Metal and mining

Headquarter-Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This mining company is involved in the production and sale of gold and copper with its 16 operating sites in 13 countries. The mining operations are carried out in numerous regions in Argentina, Chile, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, the United States, etc. The mine produced 432 million pounds of copper in 2019.


Copper production has made our lives more productive and efficient with its diverse applications. Even the most crucial resource, computer contains 1.5 kg of copper. Its multiple properties have made it one of the most used metals for automotive, telecommunication, industrial, architecture, and electrical purposes. The Canadian copper companies are effectively meeting the growing needs of copper across the nation.

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