Top 7 PHP Development Companies in India

Top 7 PHP Development Companies in India

Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by rida

PHP till date has been one of the widely used and reliable tools for developing websites or creating blogs. Despite several options being available in the market or the IT industry, PHP has been able to maintain its popularity among the developers and the platform users. PHP is an open-source and aptly sufficient tool in itself and is being fully supported by a huge community. They are even available 24×7, just to resolve any kind of issues related to the PHP. Many companies specifically Hire PHP Developer to develop their websites.

Also, the popularity of PHP has led to the formation of PHP Development Company all over the world. And India is considered to be one of the biggest sources of talent for the IT industry. As per the global trend, even India has popped up with a huge number of PHP development companies. While everyone claims to offer the best of services, it is important to figure out which companies are genuinely offering the best services. Now the services can only be called best if they qualify on the below-given parameters:

  1. How old is the PHP development company and what is its portfolio?
  2. Do they work only for large enterprises or also for SMEs?
  3. How experienced are the PHP developers working in that company?
  4. Do they provide customer support?
  5. Are they budget-friendly or not?

The above points help to judge if the companies are suitable enough to go ahead with or not. SO, although claims are made by many companies, all cannot be emperors and here we are listing below the best PHP development companies in 2021.


To have the in-house resource, companies hire a developer who can take care of their PHP development works, but when there are some reliable service providers available in the market then one should approach them. The list of the best PHP development companies in India in 2022 is given below:

CMARIX Technolabs

It is an Ahmedabad based firm and is based in Gujarat. It was founded in the year 2009 and since then they have made several clients not just in India but even outside India and so it is named as one of the best PHP development companies in India in 2021. They have a good team of developers who can develop even the customised software.

They keep their professionals upgraded with the technology so that they can help their clients with modern solutions. Also, they do not just work for large enterprises but also work with SMEs and startups, this shows that they are quite cost-effective and can provide the solution to their clients within their specified budget. They are known to provide customized solutions which are tailor-fit and suit aptly to their business processes. They have good work experience in developing dynamic websites, complex web applications, websites driven by huge databases, and many more such critical issues.

To date, they have done more than 5000+ web applications for their clients belonging from approximately 40+ countries. They catered to various industries like Energy, Logistics, Real estate, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, etc. You can easily Hire Dedicated Developers from CMARIX and leverage their flexible hiring models too.

Sparx IT Solutions

It is a NASSCOM recognized ISO:9001, IT company which has been in the industry for 13 years. It has been awarded many times for its quality service in the IT domain. They provide various solutions like the development of mobile applications and web applications and that too using the latest technology and innovation. They are known for providing the best-customized solution to their clients all across the world. They ensure that every requirement of their clients is met, and they are satisfied to the core with their work. So, utter customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of this company.

Coca-Cola, Unilever, GSK, Yamaha, Revlon are some of the known brands that worked with Sparx IT solutions for software and application development. They are known for using the latest technologies and providing some amazing functionalities in the app or website.

This company is involved in delivering industry-specific solutions including web development, mobile app development, Graphic Design, CAD services, eCommerce development, and many more. They cater to various industries like Entertainment, Hospitality, education media, business services, etc.

Konstant Infosolutions

It is a premier software development company that offers a wide range of solutions. And it was invented in-ear 2003. They have got a team of around 180 or plus of very qualified and highly professionals who can deliver the best of solutions and consulting services. They offer a platter of solutions like Website development, development of the mobile application, Database programming, CMS development, IT consulting, Native Mobile app development, AR/VR, Cloud Integration, Enterprise mobility, and many more.

Some of the key clients are Volkswagen, United Nations, RawBank, Project Action Star, Thomas Ville, Nestle, NASSCOM, Mifflin Harcourt, etc.

Some of the feedback from their clients is that they deliver good quality work, their feedback and responsiveness are noteworthy. This shows the quality of their work.


It is an IT company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which provides IT solutions and services to its clients across the world. They are best in providing the best services in website development, designing the website, and developing mobile applications. They ensure that their clients are served with the best and that too in a strategic way. They are way specialized in developing the native apps as opposed to hybrid which ensures to provide a great interface through UI/UX design.

Their creativity and constant learning make them unique and make sure that they never remain stagnant and also bring them challenges which helps them to grow more effectively and efficiently. They are even nominated for best mobile app company in the year 2015 by GESIA.

They are one of the most preferred IT companies due to the committed support they provide to their clients along with the professionalism, well-oriented process, timely delivery, full expertise, and full mental peace. So, when any company is providing you with so much, why won’t it make the place of one of the best fitted IT companies.


It is considered to be the best company for PHP development in India, and they are focused on solving complex issues. As they have a rock-solid team of around 400+ engineers, team leaders, project managers which help them to make better decisions in the situation. Their sole goal is to empower their clients and their business so again the focus is on customer satisfaction only and the one who stresses this point will always be successful, it is guaranteed.

By leveraging the existing technology, they create a beautiful landscape for future projects as well which helps a company to project their future as well and helps to develop new possibilities and opportunities. So, the approach here is majorly client-centric only and they commit to on-time delivery as well.  Also, they ensure that they deliver the quality only and not the random one just to complete the formality of project submission.

NMG Technologies Ltd

NMG is one of the IT companies that take customer reviews as one of the serious parts of their job. They aim to maximize the interaction with the customer so that they can well understand the problem, issues, and what are their requirements. They ensure that the companies achieve their goals. The year of inception of this client is 2008 which shows that they have earned a lot of value and name in a short period which by default ensures their quality. So, at an approx. NMG Technologies is fully involved in the whole process other than the business owners and startups. They ensure that their client reaches the next level stage with the help of the services they offer, be it complex or huge as per the business needs.

They dedicate themselves to their customer to that extent where they start taking responsibility for the measurable growth of their company using the advanced IT solutions provided by them. In short, they have a very friendly as well as homely team with a group of over 100+ consultants, engineers, some creative enhancement, etc.

DRC Systems

It is another one of the best companies which offer domestic as well as offshore solutions. It is again based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They perform all types of website development or mobile app development. They can make such apps which are quite okay to run either on Android or IOS platforms. Some of the enterprise solutions provided by the client are AI, Odoo, Robotics, OpenedX.

You can also read more about hire an offshore development team here.


The above points show how the mentioned IT companies are considered best in their work and what differences they are making to prove the best service provider for the customer. So, you can choose from anyone mentioned above, and rest assured of churning out the best results. The best way to decide is to undertake the business process in mind and then choose which one suits you best.