Simple steps to starting a business card selling business

Simple steps to starting a business card selling business

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

Many people thought that the use of business cards would drastically reduce after everything went digital. But trends prove otherwise. Small to large enterprises still depend on these physical cards for their promotional needs. Hence, starting a business in this area can be a good idea. With decent investment and sales knowledge, you can take orders and get them printed and delivered by your wholesale trade printer. You can run this venture from your home office as it involves traveling when you visit your customer’s workplace for discussions. If you wish to get started in this line, gathering some information about printing and print suppliers can be helpful. Here are some insights into this.

How to run a business card reselling business?

Get business permit

You would need to obtain a business license. For this, you have to drop in at the local town office and department of revenue. It is necessary for registration and sales tax.

“You will also require a resale certificate from the state where you live because suppliers can ask for this.”

In addition, you will need to form an LLC for your newly set up business. According to you can either do this yourself or hire a professional company to do everything for you.

Set up a home office

You can do this business even from a small corner of your house. Equip your place with a mobile phone, fax machine, office supplies, and computer. You can have a different office phone number also, but it is optional. Most of your work will take place at your client’s business place. Hence, occupying any quiet room in your home can be sufficientfor this purpose.

Reach out to wholesale trade printers

If you take up the full responsibility of printing and fulfillment, your business cost and stress will shoot up. But you can smartly manage everything if you contact printers specializing in wholesale business cards. You will not have to arrange any printing equipment. These vendors will have everything to cater to your requirements. Some people rely on them to provide the best affordable rates to their customers.

Nevertheless, make sure you enter a partnership with the trusted printers only. You can find them online or through trade magazines. They generally ask you to open an account on their platform to access product catalogs, pricing, and other details. You may have to submit a resale certificate, contact information, and shipping and billing details at the time of sign-up.

Since every company can have specific account opening requirements, you must read its terms and conditions carefully. Once you find a suitable printing and delivery partner, you can peacefully focus on increasing your business from home. According to experts, you can try them by placing an order for printing materials, such as stationery, business cards, brochures, and others, for personal use. It can give you a clear picture of their turnaround time, customer support, and quality of work.

Promote your business

Any new entity has to come to the notice of the target audience to communicate their presence and attract business opportunities from them. Similarly, you have to promote your service to the local businesses. You can reach out to them with your brochure, business card, and other advertising assets. Some people send them through posts, while some visit the offices. If you become a member of the Chamber of Commerce in your area, you can quickly get in touch with business owners. So, keep such things in mind.

A few things to consider

Generally, people wonder if they need to set up a website. Ideally, you should have an e-commerce site where your customers can browse options. Once you receive orders from them, you can log in to your account on your choice of wholesale trade printing platform to place orders for printing. You will pay the bill, and the wholesaler will send it to the address you provide. Due to this, you don’t have to take any additional pressure. However, it is better to ensure your vendor keeps varieties as the business card is a niche market. You will deal with corporate people with varying needs. To close a sale with them, you need to offer what they prefer.

Business cards can have many options. They can come in matte, high gloss, laminated, semi-gloss, and other such variations. You should update your knowledge about what works in the market and pitch your customers something based on your understanding of their needs and current trends.

The printing business has dramatically evolved. Earlier, you needed to arrange for different types of supplies to get started. Today, you can open your office at home without any significant investment. Credit for this partly goes to wholesale printers. You can onboard the clients and place orders on their behalf. While the rest of the things happen on one side, you can meet other customers and convince them to use your service. However, as said, the ultimate experience depends on the quality of the product and assistance. If you manage to find the right printing partner for your need, you don’t have to bother about anything. You can focus on growing your revenue.