Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Quito

Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Quito
(ALL RIGHTS) June 2010 Ð The city of Quito, Ecuador. The Quito Water Fund, also known as FONAG, protects watersheds supplying the capitalÕs 2 million people with 80 percent of their freshwater. The project, which began in 2000, receives monthly contributions from QuitoÕs water and electric companies to produce nearly $1 million each year in disbursements for conservation projects in the surrounding watersheds. Photo credit: Erika Nortemann/© 2010 The Nature Conservancy

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If you are going to travel to the city of Quito, then take a look at this write-up. This city is the capital of Ecuador is a popular city of the renowned Galapagos Islands which is a backseat to the more eminent Galapagos Islands where locals or tourists are not always aware of what this city offers them. Visit this city to see its unique attractions. This famous city is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the world.

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El Panecillo

El Panecillo is situated on the south side of Old Town which is settled on the perched high on the hill commanding Quito. Visit this city which is one of the city’s top attractions and is the most important landmark in Quito. This city delivers a home to the La Virgen de Quito which is a glowing madonna statue constructed in 1976. 

Ciudad Mitad del Mundo

Ciudad Mitad Del Mundo is a nationwide landmark that has some statues; a delightful, old-school museum, and a small village. be a part of this famous museum that houses things from Highland and Amazonian tribes deflecting their history, a homey group of musical instruments, and all other things such as clothes, textiles, and more.

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La Campaña

La Campana is a place that has numerous churches in Quito lying within walking distance of one another. Come to this city to watch this famous church Compañia de Jesús and its extraordinary exterior building and jaw-dropping interior. 

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Teleferico is an exhilarating place to visit for breathtaking views and a nail-biting ride. You will find this site with a sky tram is one of the highest aerial lifts in the world. Come here to enjoy the thrilling ride of only 10 minutes, and take away the marvel at the views over Quito on accomplishment at the up the side of Volcan Pichincha and rest at the top of Cruz Loma.

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The Crystal Palace

The crystal palace is positioned around the river, which winds through Quito. Visit this well-known area that sits high above the Old Town. Visit this tranquil grassy park placed in the Guayaquil neighborhood and arrest bird’s-eye views and go for a wander or just take a break from a busy day of sightseeing.

Basilica del Voto Nacional

The basilica is the most significant representation of neo-Gothic architecture in the Americas and is Ecuador’s largest basilica. Visit this must-see magnetism which was built in the style of Notre Dame in Paris, with structure for the concrete cathedral beginning in 1887. Visit this site to see the traditional gargoyles, and tons of Ecuadorian animals like monkeys, iguanas, famous tortoises, and pumas adoring the structure’s edifice. This site also includes the mosaic floor and an altar to the Virgin Mary which is located in a side chapel. 

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Parque La Carolina

Parque La Carolina is popular among tourists which is Quito’s go-to spot for relaxation and recreation. Visit this site which is located in the city’s business district, with the massive tract of land that was turned from a farm into parkland in the 1940s. there are running tracks, various bike lanes, basketball courts, and soccer fields that offer plenty of opportunities for physical activities. 

Plaza Foch

Plaza Foch is the place to go to watch the nightlife in Quito. There are tons of bars, nightclubs, and eateries that fill the blocks immediately enclosing the square. You will find this place is a great spot to meet the locals. There is a huge rush of people on Thursday through Saturday.

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