Abandoned Places Near Me And Their Mystery Locations

Abandoned Places Near Me And Their Mystery Locations

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

You must have read the title before proceeding even to read this article. We all have a thrill for traveling, this thought which is traveling the whole wide world before we die must have crossed our mind at any given time.

Well, I don’t even blame you, but sadly due to the global pandemic and all the operations to travel have been tightened to the noose.

But what better way to increase one’s bucket list by engaging in an article like this that will take you on a slow and eerie ride?

We will call this a journey to the closest Abandoned Places around you.

Nearest Abandoned Places: What Are Some Of The Types?

This is the most asked question on all sites; well, close by abandoned places in your area don’t have to be all scary where our blood runs cold; there are beautiful and heaven on earth places that are present on this very planet that can be described as angelic and charming. To find these locations, go to easynearme.

So, there are multiple types that one can think about when considering the concept of abandonment.

Nearby Abandoned Places: What Locations Are Close To You?

I will not keep you waiting, so let us be with the rollercoaster of emotions, and here are the places:

1. Jet Star Rollercoaster, New Jersey

By the name, one may have come to know that this was a rollercoaster at an amusement park that was filled with kids; this was somewhere in the later 70s to early 80s, where some kids started to experience something spooky behavior that made them not want to come back.

This was then last used in the 2000s, where slowly, people, including kids, would stop showing any interest in these parks and then abandon them. After a storm, it started to demolish on its own.

2. Pripyat, The ghost city of Ukraine

This was also called the Chernobyl Abandoned City, where it served the purpose of being one of the Soviet Nuclear cities.

And by nuclear, there was a nuclear plant, and the active chemical that had caused a blast and spread wide radiation was none other than Chernobyl.

The whole city had a meltdown, and people slowly started to shift from the place, including the rive side, and the town has been quiet since.

3. The Floating Forest, Australia

This is not as scary, but it will enlighten us, as this was caused during a shipwreck, where this was a place where usual ship breaking took place.

A lot of materials were either stolen or tampered with, and this was a ship that was built in the UK and was commissioned during World War 2; ever since the shipwreck occurred, its structure didn’t break down, but mangroves and other forms of life started to form.

4. Isla De Las Muñecas, Mexico

This is also called the Island of Dolls, and this is a place that is not for the weak-hearted.

There is a story about a dead girl who loved playing with dolls, who died a brutal death, and ever since, there have been occasions where old dolls have been hanging from the tress, what’s more, suspicious is that the gatekeeper of the place died in the very same spot, where he had noticed the dead girl.

5. Eastern State Penitentiary, USA

It was one of the most expense-bearing prisons. They were properly designed by architecture and with the luxuries used to keep many who were said to be notorious.

It was a very strict disciplined prison that used to convince the inmates to behave strictly by its good look. It was like for good prisoners got this prison.

6. Beelitz Military Hospital, Berlin

Having empty wards of patients and corridors which are already deserted was used to be the hospital of the Military.

Many Soviet and German Soldiers used to get treated here but till the 1990s. It is not completely abandoned still because still many visitors or locals come here as wanderers.

And many people come here for their photo sessions as well.

7. Varosha, Cyprus

This deserted quarter is situated in Famagusta city. Turkish used to invade here, and many of Varosha’s people were kept here as life exiles. It is said to be one of the most desirable places of Cyprus, having richness and fame, and everything got froze during 1974.

Conclusion – Are The Closest Abandoned Places Worth It?

Well, here is the end of this article, and I would only suggest that you find more about such abandoned places near you that can give you the jeepers creepers.