Trendy Bathtubs: An Essential Choice For Bathroom Remodeling

Trendy Bathtubs: An Essential Choice For Bathroom Remodeling

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

A master bathroom always fulfils the needs of an ever-changing lifestyle. So, having a luxurious master bathroom, will not only increase the value of the property but also adds value to your lifestyle. These are the reasons that drive so many homeowners to convert their bathroom from traditional to contemporary master bathroom.

A master bathroom is incomplete without a bathtub. Bathtubs are not only functional, but often act as the centre piece for modern bathroom designs. Therefore, choosing a bathtub is a big decision when remodelling your bathroom. With so many options available for bathtubs in Melbourne, it’s important to choose one that suits your individual style and meets your needs at a functionality level.

For help with your bathroom remodel check out this site, you will surely get some outstanding ideas. The following discussions represent the wide range of bathtub designs and relevant features to guide you in placing an exclusive bathtub to serve your daily needs.

Take a look at the trendy bathtub designs to select the right one:

1) Alcove Bathtub

Alcove bathtub is a familiar type of bathtub in the residential bathroom of the USA. The overall fitting of this bathtub requires only the alcove of triple walls. Only the single side of the bathtub remain exposed. This type of bathtub variation comes with both left and right-hand installation facilities.

The alcove type of bathtub features an apron front, which covers the exposed side of the tub. And this particular feature makes this bathtub stylish and supportive. Most of the residential property owners prefer alcove bathtubs for their contemporary master bathrooms.

Advantages of alcove bathtub:


The flexible terms of installation, functionality-driven all-in-one exposure and long-term popularity ensure that alcove bathtubs come with a reasonable pricing structure.

Compatible With Showers

The terms of this tub installation only require an alcove. So, you can upgrade this into a perfect tub-shower combo option. For making this tub-shower combo, only you need to bring specific pair of shower and tub based faucet, a showerhead, shower piping and a shower curtain with doors.

Standard Size

Alcove tubs come with standard sizing, which can easily fit in the triple wall-based bathroom corners. The standard size of an alcove tub ranges between 60 inches in length and 30 inches in width. So, while you opt for an alcove tub, you get a standard size tub and don’t need a custom tub in the bathroom.

Safe Perspectives

If you select high depth soaking basis alcove tubs, it comes with shallow depth. So, you can consider it as a safe option for children’s showers. For surrounded by triple walls, your children can not jump from the tub. It also contains smooth handrails as well as a specific coating to increase the level of slip resistance.

Versatile Design

In terms of alcove bathtub design, you can avail yourself of a wide array of variations. Versatility in colours and textures make this bathtub highly popular to complement most of the decor styles.

All the discussions on the alcove bathtub will make you familiar with the popular features of the alcove bathtub.

2) Corner Bathtub

This variation of bathtub is highly applicable for the corner of your bathroom. It comes with an unfinished rear side and apron based front side. The front face of this bathtub has dual-side connectivity. It also features a straight 90-degree angle just similar to a traditional tub. So, any bathroom, which has small shower spaces can get a high advantage by installing a corner bathtub to utilize the limited bathroom spaces.

3) Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding is such a type of bathtub, which you can install anywhere as it does not require any wall. This bathtub provides more space comparatively than other tub options. So, you can enjoy the depth of the water during bathing. It is highly popular as soaker tubs. Most of the freestanding bathtubs achieved huge popularity due to the addition of clawfoot, which is a traditional feature but complements the modern decor of the freestanding bathtub.

4) Drop-in Bathtub

If you have a plan to bring a soaking tub, then a drop-in variation of bathtub is best. This type of bathtub has no finished facet. So, it comes along with a supportive rim to provide strong support to your body. This version of the bathtub scopes you to customize your tub as per personal preferences. So, having featured with expensive frames requires a complex process of installation.

5) Undermount Bathtub

This bathtub version has a great similarity with drop-in tubs. The installation of this bathtub does not require any rim fitting. It allows you high water storage benefits. Its installation is quite difficult, unlike drop-in bathtubs. For having a premium exposure, you can avail this bathtub with an expensive pricing structure.

The above discussions showcase the common features, as well as the trendiest designs of bathtubs for your splendid bathrooms. All these bathtub designs serve the functionality requirements of a modern bathroom and also offer a personalized appeal for enjoyable showering.

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