Why Is Parallel Kitchen The Most Loved Modular Kitchen?

Parallel Kitchen

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Parallel kitchen design is undoubtedly one of the most loved kitchen layouts. It is also known to follow the kitchen triangle rule perfectly. In this design, the countertops are facing each other, that is they are opposite to each other. Here are some reasons in this blog as to why parallel kitchens are loved so much by everyone. Let’s begin!
Here are some advantages of owning a parallel kitchen that we consider a must to bring to your attention-

1.It has separate space altogether for washing and cooking

2.No matter the space, you get two countertops

3.Parallel kitchen gives you ample space to move and dedicate to chopping, cooking and washing utensils or placing appliances

4. Uses less floor space

5. Best for cost saving

6. Allows higher level of customisation

Now, let’s look at them in detail one after the other.

1. Separate space for everything

In a parallel kitchen the user gets a separate space for activities and they can plan the setup accordingly. How? There are two slabs opposite each other. Instead of keeping everything like the sink and stove on one countertop, they can be separated from each other. This helps in keeping the water spilling on food while cooking. Infact, it is also beneficial for those with small parallel kitchens. Two people can stand and do work at the same time in the kitchen which otherwise would be difficult.

2. More storage space

The access to everything in the parallel kitchen is easy and quick. How? There are counters and cabinets on walls and below the counter. This helps in storing everything, even the appliances inside the cabinets so that the kitchen appears cleaner. Also, it solves the space problem as there is ample space and height in the cabinets to store everything you need. You can also add a kitchen island to make serving breakfast easier and happier.

3. Better space to move and and uses less floor space-

If you choose this kitchen layout, you are left with a lot of space for the rest of your house. You can use the space to make nigger living room and spaces. Moreover, even in the kitchen because the counters are on either side, you get enough space to move inside the kitchen.

4. Enjoy more customisations

You can enjoy different levels of customisations in parallel kitchen design. You can select the acrylic and light colors, glass exteriors, tiles or any clean neat look, anything you like. You can also add textured wallpapers to make the kitchen even classier. All these would help create the illusion of a more spacious kitchen for you.

We hope these reasons and advantages helped you understand why it is so important and why you must choose it over other modular kitchen designs. Please don’t forget to share the blog with your friends and family and leave your comments on this. Send in your suggestions and questions to us in the comments or email, we are all ears.

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