Tinder Plans to Add Video to Profiles


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Tinder announced in June that it was making more changes, planning to add new features to its dating app. As Match Group’s largest dating app, Tinder boasts more than 57 million users and 6.5 million monthly app downloads. Match recently acquired Hyper connect, a social video tech company. Currently, users can add pictures to their Tinder profile to help convince matches to connect with them. While the pictures can be quite appealing, Tinder has announced they will be adding the ability to add video to profile. This will help people avoid only capturing a certain angle and may provide more of a live aspect to the app. The very first dating app was Match.com, launched in 1995. While some found this extremely convenient, most were hesitant at first to accept online dating. Slowly, the popularity has increased and online dating has become a mainstream option for meeting a potential match.

Most people want to get to know people online before they meet in person. Videos can help Tinder become more of a social platform and not just a profile-based app. People can get to know others and even go on digital dates before they choose to meet in person. This has pushed dating apps, like Bumble and Match, to add video and audio elements to their platforms.

Tinder has seen a lot of changes in the past few years. After losing co-founders due to leadership issues and power abuse, Match ousted former CEO Sean Rad for violating employee privacy by recording conversations in the workplace without their consent. This has been a practical solution for many people who are short on time. People can meet others based on similar profiles and preferences with online dating apps—saving them hundreds of hours at bars, clubs, or other places where they might meet a potential match. Busy Americans can go through matches throughout their workday or on their time off without ever leaving the house.

The company has been on an upward swing, steadily growing since its inception in 2012. Just 30 days after Rad was fired, Match stock went from $18.89 per share to $25.79 per share. Though the move was not heavily publicized, the company has been able to benefit from better leadership in place.

The current announcement means providing users with more ways to connect and features to help them learn about their matches before they make a commitment to an in-person date. “We think that Tinder can do more with its big user base than just swipe and match and chat,” Match exec Gary Swidler said. During a time where people are encouraged to practice social distancing, most dating apps are discouraging hookups and encouraging more online communication before meetups. While online dating was once considered a strange connection story, more and more individuals have found their partners on apps like Match.com and Tinder.

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