Types of Materials That Can Be Used For Awards

Types of Materials That Can Be Used For Awards

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Saira Farman

Sometimes, you want a simple way to show your appreciation to someone. Whether you have employees, people in your group or even some loved ones who deserve recognition, you can create awards for those people. If you like the idea of making an award for someone, you should think about these ideas and the materials associated with each of the options available.


You can give some medals to people as their awards. Medals work well since they’re small, portable and people can wear them once they receive them. This means you just need to choose a type of medal for the award along with some ribbon, so the person can put the award around themselves.

Once you select a metal for the medals, you can look into getting custom engravings on them. These engravings give you the chance to put images, words or anything else representing the award you want to give out. Medals offer some great versatility as awards, so you should consider this choice as an option.

Wooden Plaques

If you don’t want to go with a medal, you can offer a wooden plaque as an award. Wooden plaques work great since you can choose different types of wood depending on what you think will look good as an award. You should also identify a piece of metal to put on the plaque, so you can add an engraving to the design.

You can also look at custom plaques and see which ones you think the recipient would like on his or her award. You have tons of options and flexibility when it comes to wooden plaques, so make sure you go through the choices available and decide on a design you like.


Sometimes, people just want a piece of paper stating what they did, so you may want to go with a paper award for the recipient. You can create a certificate, an award or use any other phrasing you feel will appeal to the recipient. On top of that, you can print any words on the award, so people can understand the purpose of it.

For example, if you want to recognize people for their work ethic, you can add a phrase to explain this idea. You can go through many choices while looking at paper awards due to the options available, so you should figure out what you want to put on the paper.

Crystal Block

If you want to give someone a unique award, you could go with a crystal block instead. Crystal blocks usually come in a specific shape, but others can be customized as explained in the link. You can look into different types of crystal blocks, see which ones look the nicest and pick one for the upcoming award.

You can also put engravings on these awards as well, so you have different ways to customize and adjust the crystal block. On top of that, these blocks stand up on their own, so people can display the awards on their desks. That way, they feel like they can place the award somewhere nice and show it off.


You may want to go with something traditional and common, so getting a trophy for the award recipient might be the right call. Trophies come in a variety of metals, so you can pick whichever one you think looks nice. On top of that, they vary greatly in cost to give you some flexibility when selecting an award for the recipient.

Trophies even come in different sizes and give you the option to add plaques or engravings to them. You can also find custom trophies if you want to make something even more unique for the recipient. There are tons of options and ideas for trophies, so many people go with this award.


Sometimes, you want a way to recognize people who accomplished something great. Recognizing people for their accomplishments allows you to motivate and encourage them to continue with their work. If you want some ideas for awards and how to show this recognition to others, you should try to get some of the awards above along with their materials.