Wayne WaterBUG – 22.5 GPM (3/4″) Submersible Utility Pump with Multi-Flo Technology

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    Wayne waterbug submersible pump is one of the best submersible sump pumps in the market. This is a promising sump pump that will protect your basement from any water damage for a long duration of time without any repair issues. So, if you are interested, here are some details regarding the Wayne wwbwaterbug submersible pump with reviews. Let’s dive into it! 

    ● Features and specifications

    Wayne waterBUG Portable Electric Water removal pump has the power of up to 1350 GPH at 0 feet lift, and 1010 GPH at 10 feet lift. It is perfect for basements, boats, and stock tanks that are at risk of being flooded. It has a 6-legged strong base and is sealed with durable thermoplastic making it resistant to corrosion and long-lasting. It has a thermally protected, ⅙ Horsepower electric motor that is oil-filled and is hermetically sealed, giving it a long life and a cool environment for operating. The voltage is 120 volt, and it runs at the rate of 4.8 amps. It has a multi-flow technology that comes with a top discharge option for limited spaces such as buckets, and window wells as well as a side discharge option for flat, open areas such as flat roofs, basements. Its bottom suction layout with a multi-ring strainer maximizes water flow and prevents clogging by filtering out debris.  

    It requires a minimum of 3/16 inches of water rise to kick start and reduces the water to 1/16th of the surface. The discharge outlets have a diameter of ¾ inches and are made of corrosion-resistant brass with tethered cap seals. It has an impressive 10 feet power cord with a 3-prong plug which is suitable to use anywhere around your home or outside. It also comes with a one-year warranty, so you can rest assured about the return/refund if you face any problem within that timespan. 

    ● How to start: 

    ● First, get to know your pump, especially the main specifications.

    ● Pick and choose your discharge option out of the top or side option based on your area of usage.

    ● Now, remove the discharge caps.

    ● Next, attach your garden hose/pipe to the brass discharge outlet. 

    ● Put in water (at least 3/16 inches of water level is mandatory for the pump to start working.) 

    ● Make sure your plug is always plugged into a GFCI outlet. Also, unplug the pump when water isn’t being pumped out. 

    ● Don’t run the pump dry for longer durations of time to avoid any damage. 

    ● Review

    It has a whopping rating of 4.69 on 5 meaning the buyers are beyond satisfied. Most of the customers have only positive experiences to share regarding the pump, and that says a lot. It is definitely worth your money and time, so make sure to give it a chance!