Wedding invitation: the complete guide to invitations!

Wedding invitation: the complete guide to invitations!

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Invitations are the wedding showcase, the first impression that your loved ones will have of your celebration. We have gathered all the information and advice to make the best choice of invitation, at the right time and without forgetting anything!

Ordering the wedding invitations will be one of the first tasks in the preparations for your event. These invitations should reflect your wedding theme, clearly indicate the essential information to your guests, and present your event in the most pleasant way possible. Here is a complete guide to effective and aesthetic wedding invitations, which will inform your guests while making them want to join you on this big day.

1. When and how to choose your announcement?

Choosing and ordering invitations should be part of your first wedding mission. To send the wedding invitations early enough, you must receive them yourself early enough at home, at least 6 months before the wedding date. For a result worthy of your event, call on stationery professionals whose references you will find on

Depending on the style of announcement planned for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact specialists in a particular stationery technique. Ask for examples of previous achievements to help you make your choice, and possibly send samples to make you fully aware of the texture and colors of the invitations envisaged.

Calculate your overall wedding budget and the portion to allocate to invitations. It is estimated that the average cost of a wedding invite is between 250€ and 600€. Ask the companies for their prices, possible promotions offers of packs including invitations, and other elements of wedding stationery (menu, place card, ceremony booklet, etc.). More information on prices here. Our company offers you its own tailor-made invitation service. Choose online from hundreds of models designed for all styles and budgets. Customize the format, colors, type of paper, and text, and order your wedding invitations in just a few clicks.

2. Which formats and materials?

A classic wedding invitation is most commonly printed on card stock. Its format is square or rectangular, respecting that of the envelopes most commonly used in stationery. This so-called “Italian-style” invitation format can also be accompanied by an inner pocket or pocket folder, containing different cards such as the reply card, the dinner invitation card, or an invitation to brunch the next day for example.

The watercolor wedding invitation templates reinvent themselves over time and can also be printed on original supports such as a tissue handkerchief, wood, kraft, and plexiglass. Today we offer brides and grooms 3D wedding invitations, lace paper, chiseled paper, imitations of cinema posters, invitations like train or plane tickets, and a parchment effect.

It is even possible to print the text of your wedding invitation on a balloon which, once inflated, reveals the date of the big day and the information of the event, and many other incredible formats .

3. Types of paper

If you plan to opt for a classic paper wedding invitation, you will still have to choose the type of paper on which to print your invitation text. Stationery professionals will offer you more or less thick paper and different textures for your wedding invitations. Depending on the expected aesthetics, you will choose between matte or glossy paper.

Simple white coated paper, laid paper, satin paper, iridescent, cardboard touch, fibers more or less thick, these are all criteria to take into account. The paper for the announcement is also chosen in terms of weight, i.e. The weight and therefore the thickness of the paper.Papers for wedding invitations are most often between 250g /m2 for the lightest and 350g /m2 for the thickest.

If white paper is the most popular for making wedding invitations, it is also possible to have your invitation text printed on colored paper. White itself has many nuances that specialists will present to you by providing you with appropriate advice. There is also a wide range of colors to adapt to the dominant tones of your wedding reception.

A professional will be able to find the exact references of the tones of your wedding accessories to offer you personalized wedding invitations , perfectly coordinated with your wedding outfits or the decoration of your reception hall.

4. Which font to choose?

The font of your wedding invitations is not insignificant, it contributes to the aesthetics and personality of your invitations. As with colors, there are hundreds or even thousands of font options to choose from for your announcements, but be careful, because choosing fonts that are too original runs the risk of losing readability.With the help of a stationary professional, first, make sure that the information written on your wedding invitations is clear. As for the aesthetic side, opt for a font related to the style of your wedding.

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