What are the advanced features of the glasses?

What are the advanced features of the glasses?

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Glasses have entered the terrain of advancement and fashion, and how could that be handled. Glasses have long spread their area into various sections, and that includes fashion as well. You now just don’t buy glasses in accordance with some prescription, one just buys glasses because they look good on them, or might suit their current fashion sense. You can get your prescription glasses online. 

There are a lot of advancements that eyeglasses have gone through in recent times. So let’s discuss some of the advancements that have made it through miles. 

The advanced features of glasses

Anti-blue light glasses-

The process of sitting hours in front of digital screens has made us prone to exposure to blue light. These blue lights are generally associated with memory boosting, and all but overexposure has brought excessive eye strain and fatigue and major and minor headaches and also causes dry eyes. Apart from that, they are also responsible for affecting the sleep cycle as well. You can get them in your non-prescription and prescription glasses. 

What you want here are the glasses that block blue light, these glasses effectively block 100% blue light from entering our eyes and even provide relief from all these pertaining issues. These glasses are also best suited for nighttime, one can switch to night mode too. 

Photochromic glasses-

Have you ever seen glasses doing magic? Then this is exactly the place you have been looking for. In these glasses, it acts as supernormal prescription glasses when indoors and as soon as one moves outdoors, these glasses get covered with a dark tint acting just like prescription sunglasses. The best part about this is that the darkness of the tint adjusts automatically with the intensity of the sunlight falling on it. These smartly designed glasses eliminate the need for carrying different types of glasses for different occasions. These lenses are gaining fast momentum in quite a short span of time.        

UV protection-

Just like your skin requires protection from the sunlight, the same goes with your eyes. You generally put on sunscreen on the skin and cover it with a cloth to keep the harmfulness of UV rays away. The same goes with eyes, one must consider using anti-UV glasses. It helps in keeping 100% of the UV light from reaching the eyes. There are several eye issues that might pertain in the future such as corneal damage, cataract, and even muscular degeneration. These glasses also help in reducing headaches as well.

Anti-glare coating-

This is among the major components of glasses, while you are driving or looking at your screens, this is one of the most important ones you cannot miss. While driving during the daytime, one’s vision gets affected by the direct sunlight falling on the eyes, this will create a strong glare or reflection of the glasses, making it difficult to see. The same happens during the night when the light from street lights and headlights from the forthcoming vehicle right on the glasses, causing the blinding effect, making it difficult to see, and there are increased chances of accidents as well. These anti-glare glasses or the coating let the complete light falling on the glasses pass through, instead of reflecting, making it quite a better vision, and the same phenomenon applies to the digital devices as well. 

Varifocal glasses-

This is everything you could ask for from the glasses industry. Varifocal glasses are the advanced version of bifocal glasses, here they provide three refractive zones that are near, far, and intermediate zones. And unlike bifocal glasses, there is a division point between the refractive zones in the bifocal glasses. This point of division is harsh when it comes to the change in vision. One might not be able to move their vision comfortably without going through the rough patch and it’s quite disturbing. Varifocal glasses completely eliminate the need for these points, making it a smooth experience as ever. 

Thin lenses-

This is one of the other advancements that you could never get done with. Earlier, when you had a high prescription, the lenses used were quite thick, automatically creating a fishbowl look. Where now thin lenses are high index lenses which means it is able to refract more light. It makes them a perfect choice for glasses with a high prescription and is much slimmer than usual. Thin glasses are 20% thinner than the basic lens whereas, ultra-thin lenses are 30% thinner than the basic lenses. These thin glasses are very much flexible to be adjusted in different frames without any difficulty and it won’t bulge out of the frame.