What is a medical crash cart and how it is used?

Medical crash cart

Last Updated on March 17, 2024 by Umer Malik

The wheeled cabinet trolley equipped with all the essential tools and kit that are required at the time of emergency recovery is known as a medical crash cart. 

You need to know that the medical crash cart is a vital part of the medical industry. This crash cart is quite helpful for medical professionals to rapidly respond to the codes and is more than a medicine cart because it contains all the things that are required in a life-saving emergency situation. 

It is one of the most essential things found in all hospitals. If you notice carefully, you will find that it is kept in all the rooms of the hospital. The major reason behind placing this cart everywhere in the hospital room is quick access to the equipment at the time of emergency. 

A crash cart is a perfect combination of a medical rolling cart, a dispensing unit as well as an equipment center. It is capable of carrying all the medicines along with medical supplies to the required site and allows medical staff to recover and use what they require rapidly to offer life support. 

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How medical crash cart is used?

The medical crash cart is equipped with different drawers that are used for varied purposes like medications, intubation, intravenous lines as well as procedure kits. The top drawer of the crash cart is mainly utilized for keeping medicines that are required for emergency situations. 

Intubation is also one of the major tasks of a crash cart in which both pediatric and adult intubation equipment are kept separately. The crash cart also has an IV line in one drawer that includes needles, syringes as well as variable equipment that are required for treating patients. 

The equipment required for medical procedures is mainly kept in the bottom drawer which is known as procedure kits. However, sterile gloves and sutures are also kept in the drawer to handle the procedure kit with care. 

Therefore, a medical crash cart helps the physician and nurses reach their patients quickly. 

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