What is copywriting?


Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

It’s the art and science of making people do what you want them to do, for their benefit, to help them achieve positive transformation. It is persuasion. The final goal is to sell your product while respecting the customer and providing him with a solution to his problems. For example, helping them set up their business or, in another area, offering them an anti-termite product. Do you know what is copywriting? Within this guide, we’ll let know about copywriting.

How does this translate?

The role of the copywriter is to attract attention and make sure that the Internet user, who is interested in the product or service, clicks on our content. His work then begins by writing an attractive title. It is a very subtle art that consists in properly dosing the message: we must not fall at the risk of attracting people who are not in our target, but sufficiently arouse the curiosity of Internet users likely to buy so that they click our article and not procrastinate the web by looking elsewhere – given all the places they are suggested to click, wherever they are on the web.

Once the prospect has clicked, they must discover content that arouses interest from the start shows that they are going to be helped, and explains why it is in their interest to go through with the reading. You must then convince him to go to the next step (click on another article, subscribe to a mailing list to contact him later, click on a sales page or an argument, etc.). So on, until the purchase…

Is copywriting a specific Internet sales technique?

The web didn’t invent anything. Before it was done in paper version, we sent the sales pages with coupons and newsletters by mail and we telephoned prospects and customers. On television, the Teleshopping program with Pierre Belle mare was persuasive. Web marketers have just adapted these persuasion techniques to the Internet.

The future of the copywriter

The role of the copywriter is increasingly important to stand out and attract attention, at a time when the Internet user is over-solicited by information.

Is copywriting more important than before?

More than ever, especially on the web where the battle for attention is in full swing. Internet users spend half of their time on Facebook where they see a lot of photos, videos, and articles. It’s increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Once on our site, we only have a few seconds to show him that he is at the right address for his needs and persuade him to go further. That’s the whole job of copywriting to do that, right through to the sale. The role of the copywriter is therefore becoming more and more important every day.

How to stand out precisely in this mass of information on the web?

At the very beginning of the Internet, it was enough to write content like “How to lose 20 kg in three days?” to sell. Now it doesn’t work anymore. This is why you have to be relevant in the hooks and in the argument to stand out and go beyond objections. This is also the copywriter’s job: showing the credibility of his product. Thus, the latter must know the prospects well (I tend to say that you have to know them better than your own mother), know what they believe in, what they want, what they no longer want, etc…

Is the function of copywriter a profession in its own right or is it one of the many bowstrings of the marketer?

Both. It is one of the elements of marketing that it is important to master but it can also be a profession as such. Very few of us are specialists in the field, but we can very well make a living with it. It is a specialization that is also booming and which will clearly develop. There are many demands because anyone working on the web needs copywriter skills.

Three years ago, 99% of people who were starting out on the web didn’t even know what it was. The term is starting to enter the minds of those who are truly interested in web marketing. But if copywriting is still in its infancy, it is much more developed.

How do you become a copywriter?

There is no specific path to learn this trade. We offer training courses on Magine Solution that teach persuasion and copywriting. But there is not yet a school that trains there. I would say that you become a copywriter by being self-taught. By learning our copywriting course and reading books (the vouchers are often in English). Then you have to train, write, write and write, create sales pitches to improve. One trick is to use the old American sales pitches that were very successful at the time. Rewrite them by hand, trying to dissect the elements, to understand their structure. You have to analyze what works, understand the mechanics used in the past, and see how they have attracted attention.

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