What’s Included in Product Photography Pricing?

Product Photography Pricing

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Most successful retail businesses invest heavily in product photography, especially those that rely on online platforms to make sales. Good-quality product images have a big impact on the customer’s purchase decision and can increase sales volume considerably. Many businesses are intimidated by product photography pricingand wonder if it is a worthwhile investment for their business. When you understand what’s included in the process, it is easier to justify the costs. Here’s an in-depth look at what’s included in the pricing:

1. Consultation and Planning

Product photography isn’t simple and straightforward. It involves more than just pointing the camera in one direction and taking a picture. Professionals spend a lot of time discussing the scope and purpose of the product with clients before coming up with a plan. It is also common for photographers to conduct in-depth research into the client’s industry to get a clear idea about their target audience.

This comprehensive consultation and planning process ensures both photographers and clients are on the same page. It also ensures clients are happy with the results and get more ROI from these images. Most studios offer free first consultations and the cost of all planning is included in product photography pricing.

2. Different Types of Photography

When you browse through product pages of different businesses, you’ll notice different styles of product photography. In most cases, pages include images with a product against a plain background, products with related accessories or relevant decorative elements in the background, and products being used by models. These three options are called Product on White, Creative In-Studio, and Lifestyle photography.

Usually, product photography pricing will include all three options so you have a diverse product page. The cost of each style varies because they require different kinds of preparation. For example, Creative In-Studio photography requires unique props and background elements. Some of these props are custom-made, which can increase the price. Lifestyle photography is often carried out in outdoor locations or involves models, which can also contribute to the cost. Some studios include these expenses in their quote while others will only add them after clients specifically request a more comprehensive estimate.

3. Cost of Photography

The photography process isn’t straightforward either. Studios spend some time making sure the set up is correct before they start shooting. For example, photographers work with lighting technicians to make sure the ambient lighting is suitable for photography. They add background elements, choose the right lenses, make sure all elements in the frame are in good order before they begin shooting. A session can last for an hour or more per product depending on the number of images required.

A photographer will take pictures from different angles and tweak the set-up once in a while until they are satisfied. This process is fully covered by product photography pricing though some studios will charge more for outdoor or unusual location shoots.

4. Editing Process

Editing is an important aspect of professional product photography. Raw images from sophisticated cameras are great but they do need a little polishing. Professional photographers look at all the raw images and select a few that have the best potential. They then use software programs like Photoshop to correct flaws like white imbalance, smudges, blurriness, contrast issues, etc.

Editing requires time and effort. Most professionals spend several hours refining raw pictures until they look sharp and polished. These images are ready for all kinds of displays and platforms. They look good on large smart TV screens and small mobile phone displays, which makes them a worthwhile investment. Editing is always included in the product photography pricing so there’s no need to worry about additional costs.

5. Delivery

Most modern studios upload finished images to a secure cloud server and provide a link to clients. You can access those images from different locations or devices based on your convenience. Some studios also accept requests for sending images in USB drives or other such physical storage systems but they may cost more.

Cloud storage is secure and convenient. The cost is included in product photography pricing so you don’t need to worry about any additional expenses on delivery. Most studios will keep the photographs in the server for a set period before deleting them. Ask them about the timeline and transfer the images to your personal server as quickly as you can.

What’s Not Included in Product Photography Pricing?

Different studios follow different policies, which is why it is important to discuss the expenses with your photographer in detail. For example, some studios will include the cost of models in the quote while others won’t. Most studios don’t include the cost of shipping products to the studio and back to the client. You need to pay for the service or hire a shipping company directly to handle the process.

Studios also don’t include the cost of custom or unique background elements in their quotes. For example, if your product needs a special set-up, you may have to pay more to get it done. The cost of developing a special rig or custom props isn’t included in product photography pricing unless specifically mentioned.

You can ask a studio to provide a custom quote after consultation. This quote will include all expenses involved in your project so you can get an accurate idea of how much you need to spend. Experts recommend adding up all expenses and then dividing the sum with the number of finished images. That will give you a cost per image that you can use to plan a budget effectively. Professional product pictures are a one-time investment so it is worthwhile to splurge a little to get good-quality images from experts in the field.

Contact a local studio directly if you want to know more about product photography pricing. They will be happy to answer your questions and explain all costs involved. Be sure to hire a reliable studio with a good reputation. It is easy to find great options online by looking at online reviews, ratings, and testimonials. You can also speak with past clients before hiring a studio.

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