Features to Look Out for When Purchasing a Welding Machine

Features to Look Out for When Purchasing a Welding Machine

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Welding machines are tools that are used to join pieces of metal together using heat generated by an electric current. There are five types of welding machines in Kenya; arc welding machine, resistance welding machine, laser welding machine, electron beam welding machine, stud welding machine, orbital welding machine, wave soldering welding machine, hot-dip brazing welding machine. Choosing the right welding machine can be a difficult task if you’re unaware of the features to look for. I will be discussing the features to look for in this article.

There are hundreds of welding machine brands in the market, all with different features. This makes it hard to pick which one is suitable for you. Researching the machines you want to buy will enable you to know which machine best fits your needs. Here are some of the features you should pay attention to when purchasing a welding machine.


The quality of a welding machine differs from brand to brand as different brands specialise in different features. One will require a heavy-duty welding machine for welding larger pieces of metal since it requires more heat force. For welding smaller pieces of metal, light welding machines will do. You should purchase a machine that will satisfy your needs.


When it comes to welding, mobility is important. One may be required to move their machine for various reasons. Therefore, having a mobile machine is important. A welding machine with wheels is preferred in the welding profession. This will provide one with the convenience of mobility. The welding machine price in Kenya varies, depending on which type you buy.

Input and output

Heavy-duty machines require around 240V of power, while light welding machines require around 120V. When choosing a welding machine, one must consider the type of work to be done. Machines for larger projects operate under 3 power phases. One should purchase a welding machine based on the work to be done, but also on the amount of electricity they can supply.

The machine category

Welding machines have two categories, transformer welders and inverter welders. Transformer welders are powered by transformers while inverter welders have inverters as their power source. Transformer welders are mostly used in garages due to their durability while inverter welders are portable due to their power source, hence they are easier to work with.

The welding process

Each welding machine is made for a different type of welding. For example, a laser welding machine is used for laser welding. One is advised to use a machine that matches the requirements needed for the welding process you’re buying it for. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to use.


In conclusion, one must consider all the features stated above. Sourcing a welding machine from a verified supplier is just as important. Some suppliers deliver better quality welding machines than others and even have better terms of sale. In the case of machinery, the cheaper option is not always the best. So one must be open to the prices availed to them. All in all, proper research and a good budget should help you with the machine most suitable for you.