When To See Your Podiatrist?

When To See Your Podiatrist?
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People generally overlook any mild pains and swelling of the foot. While these aches and pains often go away with time, they can also be a sign of other health complications. In other case they may be the result of a sporting injury and need specialist care of a sports podiatry clinic in Sydney. Either way, a podiatrist is your best option when dealing with pain or swelling in the foot or lower extremities.

Any physician or surgeon specializing in the treatment of ailments or injuries of the foot is known as a podiatrist. Podiatrists are also responsible for looking into issues related to the ankles and connecting parts of the foot. An experienced podiatrist is your best bet in managing and treating all kinds of symptoms or injuries related to your foot. So if you are experiencing any of the health complications mentioned below, it is time for you to consult a podiatrist.

Constant Pain In The Heels:

A constant pain in the heels can be caused due to various reasons. One of which may be the thinning of muscles and skin in the sole of your foot. A podiatrist can help by performing X-rays and other tests to determine the root cause of the problem and develop a treatment plan for you.

Pain, Swelling, Or Numbness Of The Foot:

Suffering from mild pain, swelling, or numbness of the foot is normal after a tiresome day. This may be caused due to severe pressure on the foot or just spending most of the day standing. But, if these symptoms occur suddenly, then it is advised that you consult a doctor who specializes in foot and sole podiatry.

A Sprained Or Broken Ankle Or Foot:

Getting a sprain on your ankle or foot is quite common. If there is a broken bone in your foot, you may experience sharp pain in that area. It is best to refrain from exerting any pressure on that area and even walking as little as possible in such a case. You should also visit a podiatrist at the earliest who has experience treating such injuries.

Joint Pain In The Ankle Or Foot:

These can be easily treated by over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or aspirin to reduce inflammation. Even then, it is necessary to consult a podiatrist to determine the root cause of the problem if the pain persists. Such pain can also be a sign of long-term illnesses like arthritis and diabetes, so getting it checked as soon as possible is recommended.

Recurring Case Of Athlete’s Foot:

Athlete’s foot is possibly the most common fungus infection seen in the foot. These fungal infections can usually be treated by over-the-counter medications, taken orally, or applied to the affected area. Suppose an athlete’s foot keeps coming back after being treated. In that case, you need to consult a podiatrist who can develop a treatment plan and prescribe you more effective medications for the problem.

Final Thoughts

Problems in our feet like pain, swelling, and numbness can significantly affect our mobility and how we go on with our daily life. Therefore, you mustn’t ignore such conditions as they can be the signs of more severe underlying issues. If you experience any of the symptoms discussed above, it is about time that you consult a doctor practicing foot and sole podiatry at the earliest.

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