Why is a Jewelry Equity Loan always Preferable?

Why is a Jewelry Equity Loan always Preferable?

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Even with proper financial planning and a track record of complete financial stability, there might come a point in your life where you need some extra cash. But instead of going through a lot of hassle or borrowing from friends and feeling ashamed, you should go for loans.

Whether it is a life-related goal, wedding expenses, abroad studying fee or any other kind of expense, everything can be easily covered through loans but are personal loans the only option for fulfilling such types of expenses. Absolutely not.

If you need some extra cash then instead of going with those regular personal loans, you can go with the now-famous jewelry equity loans. With such a type of loan, you can fulfill your needs quickly and that too without going through much hassle.

Here are some best reasons to go with jewelry equity loans.

You don’t need a good credit score

One of the biggest issues with traditional personal loans is you need to have a good credit score otherwise your request for a loan is directly rejected. Almost all the lenders conduct a credit check while issuing such types of loans since the risk related to these types of loans is high and the lenders want to be sure that they can recover.

But this is not the case with jewelry equity loans even while getting it from the best jewelry buyers. The lender always has the jewelry in his temporary possession and thus the risk involved in not being able to recover the money is always less. This is why lenders in this type of loan don’t need to conduct a credit score check.

They are much quicker than a personal loan

There are many situations where you need some cash on an instant basis and in such cases, personal loans aren’t going to help you. The rate at which personal loans are issued is slower in comparison to jewelry equity loans. On average, a simple personal loan can take up to 72 hours for approval and an additional 5 days for the entire documentation process.

On the other hand, jewelry equity loans are a seamless and expedited process. After getting the initial quote from the jewelry buyers, you can ship the jewelry on the very next day and this whole process takes less than 48 hours. So, always prefer jewelry equity loans if you want some quick cash without having a long waiting time.

It doesn’t affect your credit score

Almost everyone out there wants to maintain a good credit score regardless of whether they are going to use it in their life or not. And when you go for a personal loan, it is necessary that the lender gives the entire detail related to the loans to the credit bureaus.

You should also know that just applying for a personal loan has a negative effect on your credit score. In addition to this, if you fail to pay the personal loan then it can bring down your credit score to the bottom level, and from there, recovering becomes challenging.

But the good news here is going for jewelry equity loans doesn’t have any effect on the credit score and thejewelry buyers don’t need to send any kind of report to the credit bureau. Even if you fail to pay your jewelry equity loan, the credit scores are not going to be affected. So, if you don’t want to compromise with your credit score then you should simply go with jewelry equity loans.

Not much documentation required

Many people avoid going for the traditional loan process just because they think they have to go through a hectic and time-consuming documentation process. Well, it’s true that if you are applying for regular loans or what is called personal loans then you have to go through a complicated documentation process but that is not the case with jewelry equity loans.

The jewelry equity loan process is not only quick but is seamless and easy as well. You don’t need to go through a complicated documentation verification process. You just need to send the invoices related to the document and a couple of your own identification-related documents and that’s it.

Dealing with complicated documentation processes makes the loan process more hectic as people are already dealing with a tough situation in their life and the burden of the documentation process makes life miserable. This is where jewelry equity loans provided by jewelry buyers can prove to be more fruitful.

Choosing the right type of loan is necessary and if you are in need of some quick cash without waiting for long and without going through a complicated process then jewelry equity loans are what you are looking for. Just choose the right type of lender and fulfill your quick cash need in the most seamless manner possible.

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