Why is Tanning So Big in Australia?

Why is Tanning So Big in Australia?

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How has self-tanning become such a huge global industry worth more than US$800 million? Self-tanning and alternatives to UV tanning are big business in Australia for a number of reasons, but you might wonder what they really are. Why do so many still look for a tanning supplier in Australia? Can’t we just turn to the sun if we really want a tan?

Below is our quick introduction as to why self-tanning in particular is so big in Australia:

1. Speed and Convenience

Self-tanning options offer a fast and convenient way for people to get the tan look that they want without having to lay for hours each day and for weeks on end to achieve it via traditional sun tanning outdoors. For some, it takes the investment of 2 full weeks of relaxing on a beach holiday to get a tan they want, and one that will only last for a relatively short time.

Self-tanning allows one to quickly get the look they want and maintain it over the longer term. It may only take a short amount of time applying the tan each day, which is a smaller investment of both time and capital to get the desired results.

2. Dangers of Skin Cancer

Can anyone deny the dangers of skin cancer? Here in Australia it has become a particularly frightening issue of public health given the particular climatic conditions the people here face. The Australian sun is especially intense, and with the majority of the population having fair skin, it has resulted in Australia having one of the highest rates of skin cancer anywhere in the world.

Self-tanning removes the risks of skin cancer, especially when looking at tanning lotions. These lotions not only offer a beautifying tan effect, but sometimes also offer added skin protection and enrichment into the mix. Even if they only work to add colour to the skin, they at least remove the need for people to spend hours bathing in harmful UV radiation.

3. Improvement of Products

When you think of self-tanning products, you might think of wealthy ladies of the 1970s middle class ranks putting on horrendously coloured products that go streaky in an instant, and look fake immediately from the moment they are applied. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this. For many years, self-tanning products have indeed been far inferior to the real thing.

The story now, however, is quite different. Both in their quality efficacy, self-tanning products have come on leaps and bounds to close the gap between self-tanning and traditional tanning practices.

4. Tanning Makes One Look Better

Looking more generally at tanning and why it’s so popular, one of the biggest factors behind its popularity is the fact that people perceive a tanned look as one that is objectively better. To be tanned is to be healthy-looking, no longer plagued by the look of pale-skin death that so decorates many faces around us. There is a sense of energy, of beauty, of spirit when someone has a beautiful tan. Who wouldn’t want that kind of look?

5. Tanning is All About Confidence

Following on from our previous point, tanning is also perhaps one of the easiest ways for people of all shapes, sizes and ages to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. There’s a glow that others tend to find attractive in a tan. When fair-skinned people return from vacations where they’ve acquired a nice tan, it’s one of the first things that people tend to comment on, and it’s an enormous confidence booster.

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