Why Men Of All Ages Should Wear Polo Shirts

Why Men Of All Ages Should Wear Polo Shirts

Last Updated on September 1, 2022 by husnain

Men’s fashion is not that complicated. T-shirts, button-downs, a few good pairs of trousers, jeans, a blazer and you can create some great looks there! 

One of the ways to mix things up is to get creative with the tees. That’s why today we’re talking about the less popular member of the t-shirt family – the Polo and why it’s a garment all men in any age group should wear. 

This comfy and stylish blend between button-down shirts and classic tees has been around for a while now, and while it was mainly favored by older generations and athletes, the times have changed!

So let’s dive in and explore what the Polo is and why it’s an absolute must-have for every guy!

What is a Polo

A Polo is a t-shirt with a collar and a 3 or 4 button plaque down the collar bone. It’s commonly made from thicker cotton waffle knit fabric called pique, regular jersey cotton, as well as cashmere, wool, velour, and other fabrics.

Polos come in an array of colors and shades, which is one of the most exciting things about this style.

The Polo tee was first designed as a tennis shirt but quickly moved to sports like golf and later to lifestyle fashion shelves.

The benefits of a Polo

So why do we believe every guy from 20 to 90 should own and wear Polos? It’s simple! The tee is super versatile; it walks the line between casual yet put together and elevates even the simplest outfits!

Yes, you may still associate it with your dad or grandad, but a well-chosen high-quality Polo tee like the polo tees pack by FreshCleanTees.com, looks fantastic on anyone.

Besides looking stylish in general, Polos are widely accepted in smart-casual situations as well as for activities like golf or tennis.

The cotton knit material is airy and allows freedom of movement, and a cashmere polo will be well-accepted even in high-class establishments. 

Last by not least, Polos are easy to take care of as they don’t crease and wrinkle as much as other tees. 

How to wear a Polo tee 

The fit 

First of all, you should choose the right polo tee for you. That means a proper fit. 

You want something in between fitted and a little loose (fitted around the arms and chest, loose around the belly). Make sure the hemline ends not lower than your belt end and not higher than your hips so you can wear the tee tucked and untucked.

The sleeves should be more fitted around your bicep, stopping somewhere in the middle. 

When it comes to colors, stock up on a few options from classic navy or cream to red, purple, or red for different occasions. 

Keep it simple

Don’t overthink your Polo outfits. It’s all supposed to be relaxed and casual. Pair them with classic chinos, denim, or tailored shorts in the summer and create multiple effortless looks in seconds.

Think about matching the colors and fabric textures, and if you’re unsure, stick to neutral, safe colors like navy, khaki, olive, or burgundy.

Pair your chinos and Polo with loafers or canvas sneakers, and you will look put together no matter your age. 

With an unstructured blazer

If you’re invited to a fun and a little fancy summer garden party with cocktails, cheese, and oysters, look no further than your white Polo. 

It’s easy to create a timeless look by pairing it with chinos, pleated trousers, or even linen pants in neutral colors such as white, off-white, or navy.

The star of this look will be your navy, grey, or off-white unstructured blazer or jacket from cotton or linen. Stroll around the party like an Italian boss!

Don’t forget your loafers or boat shoes, classic tortoise shell sunnies, and a hat if it’s sweltering outside. 

With a suit

Another great look for a party or a summer lunch at the golf club is wearing your Polo under a lightweight suit. Swapping a stuffy shirt for Polo is a great idea no matter your age and looks fantastic.

You will want to tuck in your Polo tee and wear a belt too to keep the “dress code police” at bay, but otherwise, it’s a pretty simple and comfortable look.

Stick to summer pastels and neutrals for your suit, and opt for a white Polo tee. 

If you’re not a fan of white Polos, you can also play with colors. For example, you can choose a t-shirt color that complements the suit or go for a similar shade. We’d stay clear from bright colors like pink, red, or neon, though, and stick to timeless neutrals.

With athleisure

This one’s a whole 180 on the suit look, but we couldn’t leave it out as athleisure has become a ubiquitous choice for younger and older people.

A polo tee is also in the perfect middle between a sports garment and a lifestyle piece, so you will easily style it with your tailored joggers or shorts. We’d recommend opting for high-quality athleisure to keep this look sophisticated and super stylish.

It’s also a pretty comfortable outfit for working from home when you want to feel like you’ve put in some effort. 

We suggest sticking to monochrome looks like all-white, beige, navy or grey. Finish the look with leather or canvas sneakers.

With shorts and espadrilles 

An excellent look for the summer by the sea or lake is your Polo tee paired with tailored shorts and espadrilles. It’s effortless and doesn’t make you feel overdressed, yet it has a lot of fashion power!

The outfit reminds us a little of those preppy Ivy league students with a knit jumper over the shoulders and works perfectly for any summer holiday situation.

Choose timeless and neutral colors such as navy, beige, white, or different pastel shades. You don’t need many accessories besides a good watch, belt, and sunglasses! 

Trust us; whether you’re going boating or having a quick lunch at the seaside cafe, this is the winning style! 

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