Why Tights for Men Will Never Go Out of Style

Mens Tights

Last Updated on December 1, 2022 by Faiza Murtaza

Men in suits will never go out of style. But, men in tights, what do you think?

Men wearing tights might be something new to you, but actually there are a lot of guys out there who do wear men’s leggings on a daily basis.

But why do they? And what do they get out of wearing a pair of men’s spandex pants?

In this post, we will explore what these cool leggings really are and why guys love to wear them!

What are mens leggings?

Mens leggings or meggings are leggings that are specifically made for men. Gone are the days that wearing leggings as casual wear is just for women. 

Meggings are tailor made with men’s needs in mind which is why the material used in meggings is a bit thicker and more stretchable. This helps in support movement and keeping your junk from peeping through or showing off.

Why Wear Them?

Why Wear Them?

Leggings at the Gucci “Love Parade” show in Los Angeles in 2021. Emma Mcintyre/Getty Images For Gucci

The main purpose of wearing leggings before it became a fashion trend was to help facilitate blood flow in the legs while working out like doing squats, running, or anything involving your legs and glutes. The compression from the leggings will help facilitate blood flow and in effect, give you an extra push to finish your exercises. 

Historically speaking, men wearing tights were seen way back. The early gymnasts and circus performers would wear cool leggings or tights so that nothing would snag on the ropes, bars, and other instruments used in their routine. 

Today, they are more than just mens spandex pants. Meggings can be worn as fashion leggings, some are even printed leggings with pockets while some meggings are just plain fun leggings that can be worn as casual wear or as a statement piece.

Even though meggings have a new aesthetic appeal it still has the same benefits from the compression on your legs!

How Can You Wear Them?

Meggings can be worn in a variety of ways, this is one of the main reasons why they will never go out of style!

Underneath shorts

Wearing leggings alone might not be your cup of tea right away. If you’re afraid of your junk showing through, then you can always wear them with a pair of shorts. A lot of guys wear this combo when working out or even when playing sports! So, if you need the added compression on your legs then go ahead and wear a pair of meggings with your favorite athletic shorts over them.

As is!

Let loose and wear a pair of leggings as is! Men in leggings is a fashion revolution. Some would say that it may not look good or too provocative, but men have been wearing skinny jeans since the 1980’s till today and no one has batted an eyelash! Leggings are virtually the same thing, but with added benefits from the compression that your legs and thighs will get. So don’t be shy to go out and wear a pair of leggings with your favorite shirt! You can go for an athleisure look or go the whole way and trade in your everyday jeans for a pair of stylish and functional men’s leggings. 

Thermal wear

Meggings can also be worn as a form of thermal wear since the compression on the legs will facilitate blood flow and keep your legs warm amidst the winter cold. The added layer can also help prevent chafing and other possible skin irritations that can be caused by your thighs scratching on each other or on other forms of fabric.

Yoga pants

Meggings can also be worn as yoga pants! Women love to wear yoga pants because of the freedom it gives their legs to move about. Today, men in yoga pants is something you might just see more often. These are just like meggings, made with thicker and stretchier material that will help wrap around your legs and give you the added support and compression so that you can go about with your day. 

Casual wear

Aside from the function, meggings are also a great fashion piece to have! Think of it this way, you can wear a pair of black leggings that looks like a pair of skinny jeans! You can go about your day putting checks on your to-do list without the need to dress up and put on a pair of heavy pants. Meggings come in a variety of colors and prints, so whatever you define as “casual wear” there will be a pair of meggings that will fit the bill just for you! You can get yourself a pair of fun leggings or printed leggings with pockets.

Statement piece

Aside from casual wear, there are meggings that have bold prints and colors! You can get yourself a pair of galaxy leggings or even some rainbow leggings if you want to make a statement. Fashion Leggings are great to wear to festivals or concerts! They will help you last longer standing up while still looking fashionable. You will surely be getting a lot of second glances from your cool looking leggings that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd!

The Bottomline

Thanks to their function and great color or print choices, leggings or tights for men will never go out of style. Unlike with jeans, there will be different cuts and styles that go in and out of trend, some of which may even be hard to find. But with leggings you get them in three possible lengths–full, shorts, and 3/4’s. They come in a variety of colors, prints, and material too! 

In addition, the versatility of leggings will also be a huge factor why they will not go out of style. You can wear them to the gym, to the office, doing errands, on a run, a hike, wherever and whenever! But with jeans or shorts you would have to think twice where you’re going to wear them, right? So don’t be shocked if you see men’s leggings or just about any guy in leggings because this trend is here to stay for good!

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