Yellow Gold vs. Rose Gold: Which Is Better?

yellow gold vs. rose gold

Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

If you keep up with fashion and style trends at all, you have likely noticed that when it comes to jewelry, two options stand out from the others – yellow gold vs. rose gold. Both have appealing features and benefits, but which is best for you?

Keep reading to learn more about each of the gold options, what benefits they offer, and some tips to choose the one that’s right for you.

Price and Value

The gold content in the different types of gold is the primary factor that determines its value. The total gold karats in both rose and yellow gold are treated the same regarding liquidity. This means they have equal value.

For example, whether you purchase a 14K yellow gold criss cross ring or a 14K rose gold heart ring, both contain 58% gold. This means they have the same worth.

However, the other types of metal used in the alloy can impact the final cost of the ring you purchase.

When buying gold, you’ll see that 14K is more affordable than 18K, whether it is yellow or rose gold.


Yellow gold is prone to scratching; however, it may also lose its shape faster than rose gold. Also, yellow gold typically needs more polishing and maintenance to keep its luster.

Rose gold is more durable than yellow gold (and even white gold) because of the copper content. Rose gold doesn’t require plating, and the color won’t wear away.

Also, rose gold doesn’t require much maintenance, but scuffs and scratches may appear over time. Usually, these can be polished away, and the metal will return to its former luster.


Yellow gold has been used for more than 2000 years. Today, it is still thought of as the traditional color for wedding rings.

Rose gold is a newer addition when it comes to metal colors. It was first seen in the 1800s and created in Russia.

It gained even more popularity during the Mid-Victorian Era and reached its peak during the 1920s.

Today, both yellow and rose gold are popular; however, rose and white gold have slightly edged out of yellow gold.

Skin Tone

Rose gold looks great on virtually any skin type. However, yellow gold tends to look best on warm skin tones.

It’s up to you what you choose, but this is the general consensus when it comes to gold and skin tones.

Which Is Right for You: Yellow Gold or Rose Gold?

Both rose and yellow gold is similar in popularity and value, although rose gold is slightly more durable than yellow gold options.

The main difference between these is color.

When choosing between these, be sure to consider what color is most appealing to you. That should guide your decision.

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