A Guide to Electrical Wiring Your Own Home

electrical cable pulling tools
electrical cable pulling tools

Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Saira Farman

Electrical wiring can be tricky as well as risky at the same time. If not done properly the entire wiring has to be re-done from the beginning which requires a lot of effort. Wiring a house might seem like a technical task but is a very mechanical job and simple planning is the key to a successful wiring job with electrical cable pulling tools.

In this article, we will be looking at the different steps to follow in order to properly wire your home without any professional help. 

Steps to successful indoor wiring:

If you are building your house from scratch and want it to be exactly like what you have dreamt of then the wiring tasks start from the very beginning of the building construction. Following are some guidelines to successfully wire home

Load calculation –

  • Wires come in different thicknesses and it depends on the load requirement of a building. It is better to plan things out before buying wires. To calculate the rough load that you might require and then buy wires for that purpose. Remember all the wires are rated according to the kWh rating of the building. 

Positioning wiring pipes –

  • Concealed wiring is the most common style of wiring that is found in modern homes. To make sure that the pipes for wiring are laid out in the right places it is important to plan the power socket positions while building the place and laying out the pipes properly. 

Color coding wires –

  • Color coding of wires is very important to wire all things properly and because of the colors, you will be able to distinguish them years after their installation. The separation of the live, neutral, and ground is important and there are multiple colors available that can be used for each point. 

Pulling cables through pipes –

  • Pulling wires through these pipes once the building is built is a very labor-intensive task. There have been different solutions coming up in the market but none has been as effective as the Ferret. It is one of the best electrical cable pulling tools that are efficient and easy to use. Get one of these and all your cable drawing problems will be over. 

Earthing –

  • Earthing provides the much needed electrical safety that every house needs. Earthing is a way of ensuring that if an individual touches a metal surface then the electricity flows through the ground instead of going through the person’s body. Earthing is what prevents the body of your microwave from conducting electricity into your body when you touch it. 

Fitting the switchboards –

Since all the wires are not in place and properly color-coded, it is time to attach the switches and fit the switchboard. Connecting the appliances to the wire comes after this, which marks the end of your home wiring task. 


Wiring a new home will be very easy if you have all the tools like the Ferret and other power tools handy. Remember to color code the different wires and maintain the colors till the end of the project.