The Other Chicken Nugget Options from Burger King

The Other Chicken Nugget Options from Burger King

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Aiman Emaan

If you’re looking for a different taste from your Burger King Chicken Nuggets, you don’t have to go to another fast-food joint. Burger King offers other chicken nugget variants as well.

Whenever my buddies and I go visit a Burger King, we tend to order the same things. There’s always a burger, with the Whopper the overwhelming favorite. As one of my friends said, it doesn’t seem like you went to Burger King if you didn’t get a Whopper.
For a complete and satisfying meal, we also get some French fries along with a drink. But lately, we also get an order of chicken nuggets. It’s not like it’s an expensive addition, since we can get an order of chicken nuggets (4pc) for $1.26. It’s just right for a single person, to make sure that we feel full enough afterwards. Heck, often we don’t even feel the need for dessert.
However, one of our buddies couldn’t quite understand why we get the chicken nuggets. He’s not really a Burger King fan, and for him the Whopper is enough. He said that for him the chicken nuggets are somewhat bland and tasteless.
Though we didn’t quite agree as we actually liked the taste, we replied that it’s better with the right dipping sauce, and there are 6 of those dipping sauces to pick from. We also told him that he can always try to get one of the other versions of the Burger King chicken nuggets.
He was actually surprised by this information, as he didn’t know about the new stuff. So, we told him, just like we’re telling you about them now.

The Spicy Chicken Nuggets

One of the reasons why that buddy of ours didn’t know about the Spicy chicken nuggets is that it’s not a permanent part of the Burger King menu. It’s often available for a limited time and then it disappears, but it often comes back. Sometimes it’s available nationwide, and in some cases it’s only available in some locations.
Just like the regular chicken nuggets, the Spicy version comes with lots of breading. It’s always best to get them hot in the restaurant. When you wait to eat it at home, it cools down and it’s not as good.
Still, it’s good. Even after a bit of waiting, the nuggets remain crisp, but it’s nice and soft underneath. The seasoned flavor is quite pleasant, but some do find it a bit salty. The dip can fix that in a jiffy, though. The chicken underneath isn’t bad either.

Ghost Pepper

The Spicy Chicken isn’t available in Burger King right now, but then you have the Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets. Available since October 11, 2021, you best try it now. It’ll be on the menu only for a limited time, and could disappear right after Halloween.
Some object to the name of the version, because it seems a bit too gimmicky. Ghost Pepper, as you might know, isn’t just a name concocted for Halloween. Instead, it’s reputed to be the hottest pepperbu in the world.
The spiciness of a pepper is measured using the Scoville Scale, and uses the Scoville Heat Units. As the bell pepper isn’t hot at all, it scores zero. The jalapeno comes in at a range of 2,500 to 10,000 SHU. The Habaneros is a lot hotter, ranging from 1000,000 to 350,000 SHU. Most people consider this the hottest pepper they’ve ever tasted.
But the Ghost Pepper is much hotter—it’s scorching. It can reach 1 million SHU, so we’re not kidding you at all.
Do the Ghost Pepper chicken nuggets actually reach this center-of-the-sun heat? Obviously not. It’s fair to say that it’s moderately spicy, though spicier than the Spicy chicken nuggets. But the heat lingers, and in fact it feels hotter the more chicken nuggets you eat. It creeps up on you.
The breading is still crisp, the light seasoning is just right, and the chicken underneath is still moist. All in all, the taste is good on its own, and it makes an interesting combination with the dipping sauces.

The Impossible Chicken Nuggets

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Impossible Whopper. This is the vegetarian Whopper with a beef patty that’s entirely plant-based.
Now you have the vegetarian chicken nuggets as well. They’ve tested it in a few locations before now, and it tested well enough that it’s available nationwide.
The breading of the Impossible Chicken Nuggets remains the star of the show here, although the plant-based chicken alternative also adds a flavor of its own. It’s still tender and juicy, but not greasy at all.

Final Words

If you’re ordering from Burger King for your entire family, or maybe even your group of friends, you should go with a larger order of chicken nuggets as well. A 10-piece chicken nugget from Burger King is only $1.54, on average. In other words, you add 28 cents to the total cost, and you increase your chicken nuggets from 4 pieces to 10!
Get with the right dipping sauce, and you’re good to go!