Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Baby Girl

Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Baby Girl

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Birthdays are the best days to celebrate life with friends and family. With the ritual birthday cake wishing, cutting, and feeding hour, there are loads of cake ideas to incorporate and make these moments cherishable. Make lasting impressions on your baby girl on her womb escape day with amazing birthday cakes. Online cake stores offer a convenient way to arrange online cake delivery in Surat. In this post, we share amazing birthday cake ideas for your baby girl. Read on.

Fairy unicorn cake

Surprise your little princess on her birthday with a mesmerising fairy unicorn cake. The cake design is similar to round cakes. What sets them apart from each other is the decor arrangements. Unicorn cakes come with a unicorn horn which can be an ice cream corn or a fondant mould. To make the cake look the part, you can have the unicorn eye decoration painted using edible food colouring and add some sprinkles.

Pinata and hidden cakes

If you are looking for a cake surprise with room for presents, then pinata and hidden cakes are the best picks! There are many pinatas and hidden cake designs to choose from depending on the present size you wish to hide in the cake. Trending pinata cake designs you can wow your little angel with include heart-shaped, circular & half-circular, and cartoon character cakes.

Pull Me Up Cake

Pull me up cakes, are some of the trending cakes you can also surprise your baby girl with on her special day. Surprise your little princess with a magical white dress Barbie cake that changes its colour when the cover is pulled up! Add a flare to the cake; you can incorporate many creative cake ideas into the pull-me-up cake, like mixing the flavoured liquid cream with edible food sprinkles.

Designer cake

If you’re looking for a cake that can best convey love and best wishes to your fashion-loving princess, then you should consider designer cakes. It may take a bit of time for a cake novice to decorate a designer cake. If you are short on time and not up for the challenge, then you can simply order a custom-made designer cake.

Ice cream cake

Ice cream and cakes are delightful delicacies which also blend well together. Treat your sweet tooth little princess to a delightful ice cream cake on her birthday in the summer months. There is always something for everyone with a wide variety of cake and ice cream flavours. Worried about the cakes melting with these scorching summer temperatures, you can simply order cupcake-size ice cream cakes with assorted flavours.

Floral cakes

A bunch of flowers is always the best replacement for words! Express love and best wishes to your little angel on her birthday with a stunning floral cake. There are many ways to incorporate the floral theme using basic cake decorating techniques. You can have the cake decorated with flowers and butterflies painted using food colouring. Or you can encrust the cake with piped flowers and fondant moulds.

Rainbow birthday cake

Bright colours have a calming and mood-boosting effect. Spruce up the birthday celebrations for your little girl with a vibrant rainbow birthday cake. Another amazing benefit cakes have, is that you can play around with the cake’s design and decorations. You can incorporate the rainbow theme into many designs like heart-shaped, fruit, tier, and jar cakes, among others.

Number or Alphabet cakes

Number and alphabet cakes will never go out of style! Liven up your baby girl’s birthday with a lip-smacking and enticing number cake. You can choose to surprise her with a cake that has her age or date of birth and initials. Or you can go with assorted cupcakes and jars arranged to form a heart encircling the birthday gifts. Check out the trending number and alphabet cakes on online bakeries and social media platforms.

Theme cake

Is your little princess a fan of the frozen cartoons, or does she like to watch the animal toons like Simba? Stun her with a cake that looks like her favourite cartoon and animal characters. If you choose to go with a frozen cake, then you will have to consider decorating the cake with white frosting. However, if you choose to go with a jungle-themed cake, then you’ll have to stick with green-coloured fondant or animal skin painting. You can use baking stencils to trim up the finer details.

Chocolate cakes

The chocolate and cake combination is another irresistible treat that will always guarantee the best impressions. Since your little one’s favourite cakes and chocolates, you can have the cake design of your choice incorporated into the cake. With popular chocolates like Kit Kat and Ferrero Rocher, the cake surprise will be appreciated by all the merrymakers. You can easily order flowerAura’s cake on its website or app.

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