An Exclusive View Of Desert Safari In Dubai

Desert Safari In Dubai

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Are you ready to experience an exhilarating memory of a lifetime? If yes, then you must visit Desert Safari in Dubai that offers unlimited fun and heart-stopping activities in one of the biggest as well as magnificent deserts in the Arabian Peninsula. Desert Safari in Dubai is a combination of various adventures, cultural entertainment, and sumptuous dinner under the blanket of shining stars. 

A visit to Dubai is never complete without experiencing an adventure in the wide sand dunes of Dubai. Experience the beauty and magnificence of the golden sand dunes with an exhilarating Desert Safari tour. You will take for dune bashing against the rolling sandy hills and will also enjoy more activities that will be waiting for you and your friends.

The real highlight of Desert Safari tour is an exciting, adrenaline-pumping 4*4 drive deep into the desert to explore the vast range of golden dunes in the deep ditches and escalating high on the summit of the dunes. This is followed by a visit to a traditional Bedouin campsite, which enables you to capture the beauty and real essence of Desert Safari as you enjoy traditional Arabic coffee, smoke a flavored shisha, and also enjoy belly dance movements and Tanura horse shows.

Experiences Of Desert Safari In Dubai:

View OF Beautiful Scenery:

On Desert safari in Dubai, you will see the beauty of the world as never before. As far as the eye can see the wonderful sand dunes and total wilderness dominate the vast expanses of desert and it can often become quite disorienting. Try to close your eyes for a few moments, if you feel dizzy because of the barren landscape. In Desert Safari Dubai you will see stunning and very beautiful rocks formations jutting out from the sand and your guide will take you to all the best spots to take some photos and make wonderful memories.

Camels And Other Animals:

During your trip to Desert Safari, you will get a chance to see camels roaming and eagles soaring through the sky. Once you will reach the halfway point, you will be given then chance to pet camels and have a photoshoot with them. There is a vast array of other animals too. You will also see some wildlife creatures of Desert Safari Dubai that include Arabian oryxes, and Arabian gazelle.

Sandboarding In Desert Safari:

Sandboarding is an outdoor sport that blends the characteristics of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding. You need to know what to expect and what to do when taking off on a 50-foot slope while riding freestyle adrenaline, speed rush, or relaxed free rides. Are you ready to hit the dunes? If yes, then follow the guide below:

The first thing you need to do is to find the right dune. Make sure to pick a dune with a gentle slope that is not too steep or long if you are still learning the first steps. Remember that you are not riding on water because it can be hard to land on the sand. 

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Precautions of Sandboarding:

Wax up your sandboard, adjust the bindings, apply sunscreen, put your goggles, and helmet on, wear elbow and knee pads, and stay hydrated all the time.

Never ride a sandboard without someone around. In case of some accident, you will need a partner or relative to help you out and call the emergency services.


  1. Climb up to the top of your desired sand dune.
  2. Double-check the equipment and make sure you are fully protected.
  3. Perform small jumps first towards the edge of the dunes.
  4. With the board’s nose pointing towards downhill, drop in with your dominant front.
  5. Lean back and bend the back knee.
  6. Look where you want to go.
  7. As you start falling down the dune, balance and keep your body weight on the back.
  8. To turn, apply pressure in your toe and heels, it depends on the direction where you want to go.
  9. Stretch your arm to the side to maintain the balance of your body.
  10. Get back to the point of starting for another run on a bigger dune.

If you feel uncomfortable while riding a sandboard or about to fall, then bend your knees and fall on your back. 

Dune Bashing:

What is Dune bashing? It means driving at increasing and decreasing speeds over the sand dunes. The surface of the sand dune keeps shifting, and takes a special skill and also a special type of car to navigate the terrain which is usually a sports utility vehicle (SUV). 

The dune bashing ride at Desert Safari Dubai is a bumpy and thrilling ride that lasts about an hour. You will enjoy the slipping and the sliding, the skidding and the spinning of Dune bashing. 

Major Tips Necessary For Visiting Desert Safari In Dubai:

What To Wear?

Wear decent and light clothes. The dress should be comfortable because the sand gets into everything which will be annoying. A scarf or a hat is recommended to cover your hair and long pants or shorts and a light shirt or a casual t-shirt. Do not wear sneakers and socks to cover your feet because the sand got into them anyway. Wear sandals or open shoes. Shorts, shirts, t-shirts, and lightweight tops are acceptable in Desert Safari Dubai. Also, bring extra shawls and jackets for when the temperature cools down at night time.

Wear Shades:

Those who wear contact lenses, it is suggested to wear shades as well because small grains of the sand gets into your eye when you will outside the vehicle. Also, take eye-drops with you for protection of your eyes.


Have a light and early lunch. Do not eat heavy food that will upset your stomach when your 4*$ roll up and down the sand dunes. You will feel nausea when the ride can get very bumpy which will spoil your all joy.

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