How to Hire the Best Call Center Agents for Your Business

How to Hire the Best Call Center Agents for Your Business
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Did you know that 58 percent of consumers will end ties with a company if they receive poor customer service? It is more important than ever to have call center services that can offer the kind of help that customers are looking for. To be able to offer quality customer care, you need to hire the right call center agents.

But how can you ensure you have the right people? Read on to learn how to hire customer service agents.

Develop a Profile for Call Center Agents

Look at the qualities that your top agents possess and develop a profile that includes those qualities and skills. The ideal call center agent is someone who is highly educated, willing to learn, engaged in their work, positive, and career-minded, but there may be specific qualities your business requires. If you need agents to speak more than one language, for example, you want to add it to the profile. If you will not be doing the hiring yourself but are relying on an HR representative, you want to offer them this profile so they know what each candidate must possess.

Prepare a List of Questions

Preparing a list of questions for the contact center agents you will interview is essential. The questions can be related to the job or they can be more personal. You may want to know why the person applied for the job or why they left their current position.

The answers you receive will give you an idea if the candidate will fit the company’s culture and if they have the right attitude for the position.

Conduct Pre-Employment Tests

You want to be certain the candidates possess certain crucial skills for call center jobs. They need to have active listening skills, typing and multi-tasking skills, and problem-solving proficiency. Some companies may want to give English fluency tests as well as comprehension tests.

Each business may require different skills and you may want to develop tests that will help you find the right people. Get more info here on what you may want your call center agents to be able to handle on the job.

Experience Is Key

Although many companies want to give newbies a shot, in a call center, experience can make a difference. If you have the choice between someone who has worked in a call center before and one who has not, choose the one with experience. Someone with training and experience will not only be more efficient, but they will also incentivize other call center agents to work harder.

Hire the Right People

When you begin your search for call center agents, you want to have a clear idea of the type of candidate you want. By asking questions and looking for people with the right skills, you will be able to offer your clients the quality customer care they deserve.

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