Best Ideas To Use Macrame Wall Hangings

Best Ideas To Use Macrame Wall Hangings
macrame wall hanging

Last Updated on May 2, 2022 by rida

When used in wall hangings, Macrame exhibits immense creativity and uniqueness with just two essential raw materials – a  dowel and macrame cotton ropes. The Arabs are credited with the invention of this decoration method, bringing it face to face with the world in the 13th century.  

Macrame is used as pillow covers, coasters, table runners, and curtains. Do you want the space on your wall to double as home decor supporting your specific need? The macrame wall hanging can easily be entwined to make your wall interesting.

Listed below are some best ideas to use macrame Wall hangings: 

Macrame Frame Wall Hanging 

You can use a macrame to give the pictures placed on your wall an elegant touch. The wooden frames have been incorporated so many times in almost every household. Give your house a calm demeanor by simply affixing photographs on your macrame Wall hanging by using clips.

Macrame Clock Wall Hanging

A clock is a must to occupy the wall space in your living room. What can be a better way to accentuate this wall space by going in for a clock placed at the helm of a macrame art. The look that you get is stylish and out-of-the-box.

Macrame Wall Hanging Drapes

You can highlight one whole wall of your room by suspending a macrame curtain. Your love for macrame can easily be seen in this long piece of art. You can easily let in some sunshine while ensuring your privacy with the help of a good macrame curtain.

Macrame Wall Planter

Indoor plants add a vibrant and relaxed touch to your room’s aesthetic. You can free your tabletops by getting a macrame Wall Planter. According to the design, you can hang more than one pot of plants in a very limited space. Macrame knots provide a secure base for your plants that will not get swayed or fall.

Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

You can use it to prop up a shelf on the wall with the help of a Macrame Wall Hanging. It is not only soothing to the eyes and helps you stack your showpieces or books while decorating your wall with a good macrame design. In addition, it is more attractive and less costly than the usual shelves available in the market.

Macrame Letter Pouch Wall Hanging

You can add storage space to your home by using a macrame wall hanging with pouches to keep your magazines, letters, and essential bills. A bill or letter demanding urgent attention can be placed in the pocket to remind you or your family members since these letter pouches are placed in a place that can easily be seen on your wall.

ConclusionAlthough in trend all over, Macrame still has the potential to make your home unique from others due to the various designs that can be made from cotton ropes. The minimum raw materials required for this art make it affordable. The use of sturdy cotton ropes and the technique of making knots make it safe to hang your essentials and display items. The Macrame Man is your go-to place to make your home charming.