Tips To Make The Most Of Macrame Wall Hanger

Tips To Make The Most Of Macrame Wall Hanger
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The ample space provided by walls can be used efficiently to reflect your sense of style by hanging a well-knit macrame design. The best part is that these wall hangings turn your dull wall space into one housing solution for your shortage of space. After all, what can be better than having an elaborate design of knotted cotton chords complementing your other decorative or functional items woven together in a gamut within the sphere of a macrame wall hanger? Case in point, a macrame plant hanger. You can use a macrame Wall Hanger and be assured that it will become a good eyeball grabber and conversation starter for guests visiting your place.

Let’s delve into the tips to make the most out of your macrame Wall Hanger

Highlight  The Wall Behind The Head Of Your Bed

While decorating a room, emphasis is usually given to painting one wall of the room a little different from the others to break the monotony. However, this act of breaking monotony has become monotonous itself since it is being used in every household. You can break the mold and create your trend of highlighting the headboard of your bed with a macrame Wall tapestry. This exudes warmth to your room while allowing you to choose from various shapes and designs. You can also experiment with neutral tones or bright colors to give your space some subtlety or spark following the room’s furniture.

Make Your Macrame Wall Hanger A Room Divider

Usually, walls divide space within the living room, thus blocking a lot of space and fresh air. However, you can make the living room airy while still ensuring the occupants’ privacy in the same room by using a macrame wall hanger room divider. For example, the macrame hanger can be placed in front of a closet instead of giving it a door to ensure easy access and privacy to the owner of the closet.

Use Macrame Wall Hanger To Place Plant Pots

Your interest in growing plants can be given a new lease of life by employing a macrame plant hanger as the home for plants. You can now add new plants to your collection without having to compromise with your favorite plants. You can also keep your plants out of reach of naughty children.

Use Macrame Wall Hanger As Shelves

Macrame Wall hangers can also be a work of art. You can place important books, keys, and bills on the shelf hanging below intricate macrame designs. You can opt for a two-tier or three-tier shelf. The macrame design provides an interesting backdrop for your shelf.


Macrame Wall hangers were widely used in the 1970s. They are back in fashion, and how! You can be a part of the trend of using macrame for your wall hanging and still be a trendsetter since you have myriad options of wall hanging designs incorporating some utility services to choose from. Gone are the days when macrame was made only in pristine white. Instead, you have a lot of color options to suit your taste. The Macrame man is your end stop for having a durable and beautiful macrame wall hanging.

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