Your Takeaway to Duplex Building

Your Takeaway to Duplex Building
Duplex Builders Sydney

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Duplex Builders Sydney can help you decide on the floor plans of your duplex building. The duplex may not share the standard floor plan, but they can share a common wall. The two units can be built on the sides or on top of each other. Each unit can include one floor or two floors according to the requirements.

How to Design a Duplex Building?

Different Layout:

While designing a duplex building, other layouts can be experimented with. Bedrooms can be on the upper floor, keeping the dining kitchen and living room on the ground and vice versa.

The Staircase can be unique:

You can utilize the staircase area differently, like arranging a shelf.

Make use of tall walls:

As a duplex includes tall walls, you can utilize them with tall artwork or decorative wall hangings.

Smaller Intimate Spaces:

Bigger socializing areas can be broken into smaller intimate spaces.

Indoor-Outdoor Connection:

A proper indoor-outdoor connection can be made by decorating a small space with nature or letting the sunlight and air pass indoors.

Attractive Exterior:

Your exterior should be made to look beautiful from the outside.

Difference between an apartment and a Duplex

Duplex and apartments can be different depending on the number of units and the ownership.

Number of Units:

A Duplex is a unit within a two-unit building, but an apartment is a unit within a complex with multiple units or residential buildings.


Duplex is owned by a single individual who may or may not use both the units. He may rent out a single unit or both the units according to his desire. But apartments are generally owned by investors, groups or corporations, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of staying in a Duplex: 

Advantages of Duplex:


Compared to single-family homes, duplexes are more affordable than others. When renting a duplex within a neighborhood, it is more affordable than single-family homes.

Fewer Chances of Conflict:

In apartments, individuals stay far from each other and so closeness among them cannot be expected. But in a duplex, as the members stay close to each other, there are fewer chances of conflicts. As a result, Hipwell projects can provide the best opportunities to become friends in the neighborhood.

Disadvantages of Duplex:

Different Lifestyles, same walls:

When you have different lifestyles, it becomes tough to share the same walls, same garage area, or the same backyard.

All works by own 

As duplexes are privately owned, all the works are to be done by yourself. Unlike the apartments where the backyard or the garage works are shared, you have to take all the responsibilities on your own.

Now You Know!

For roommates or families, a duplex can be the ideal setup. Duplex builders Sydney can help you find different duplexes according to your requirements. For example, individuals who want a structure like a house with a substantial square feet area can go for a Duplex. They are also affordable compared to single-family homes. So, duplexes can be an intelligent way of living in the neighborhood at affordable rates. You just need to be friendly and flexible with your neighbors when sharing the same walls in a duplex.

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