Christmas Gift Ideas in Stationery

Christmas Gift Ideas in Stationery

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Christmas shopping can be tricky at the best of times, but does anyone really have good suggestions on Christmas gift ideas for stationery lovers? What do you buy the person who is passionate about writing tools and desk toppers? Actually you have many great choices because the marketplace is resplendent with delightful stationery gift ideas:

1. Handmade Cards

Why not begin with amazing handmade cards that are embossed by hand with rich, thick patterns, and made from high-quality paper. Show a stationery lover that you understand and support their passion by writing your greetings on some stationery they can get really excited about.

2. Leatherbound Journals

Christmas is the precursor to yet another new year, and what better gift for a stationery lover than a beautiful vessel in which to write down their experiences, emotions and everything else that’s going on in their lives and in their hearts. Journaling is a great therapeutic exercise, and those who hold an existing appreciation for fine stationery will adore the gesture, even if they don’t plan to write in it.

3. Fountain Pens

Ball-point pens and gel pens are basically 10-a-penny, and those are the pens people buy for their day to day scribbling and note-taking, but what about for something more personal or more formal? What about for those stationery fans who want to experience the tactile sensation of using a real pen with real blue or black ink flowing from the nib? For these, only the best will do.

A fountain pen is the stationery lover’s only possible pen if you’re thinking about Christmas gifts. Nothing else will do. Fountain pens with cartridges are the most convenient, but if you think your friend might appreciate a more old-school pen that draws ink to its permanent cartridge from an ink pot, then there are many nice options, too.

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4. Ornate Boxes

A true stationery lover may have some deeply practical desk storage, but they also love more unique items, like pewter boxes for example. Ornate boxes of different sizes that can hold other stationery, or just sit there on the desk looking charming and decent, make a stunning gift. What’s more, there’s usually a good amount of space on the box where you can personalise or customise the gift to the recipient.

You could write their name, their initials, a famous quote or a proverb — you know the recipient so you likely know what they will like. The customised touch really makes a huge difference for the person receiving the gift because it shows you really care, and that you took time and made a real effort to get something they’d like.

5. Albums

Hand-bound leather-coated albums with old-world string ties are another perfect gift choice for the person who can’t stand the digital photography revolution. Perhaps they do already use the cameras, but also want somewhere to put the photos in a more tangible way. You could buy a blank album and have it embossed or extra embroidery put on to personalise it with a monogram or personal message. The possibilities are endless.

Albums also make nice guest books if the recipient is someone who likes to entertain on a large scale. As a stationery lover, however, they certainly won’t be able to resist something so sumptuous and ornate.

6. Artisan Paper

Finally, it’s no good getting them a pen, a quill or any other writing instrument if you don’t also supply them with enough quality paper. If a journal or album isn’t their thing, then just go for the fantastic writing paper instead. No stationery lover’s desk would be truly complete without a sheath of writing paper.