Create your own wedding invitation for a personalised touch


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Are you tired looking for a designer who can give you the perfect wedding invitation? Are their designs for appealing or the price tags take away all the sheen? If the answer is yes, you should consider designing your own wedding card. With DIY wedding invitations you can get the cards a personal touch, choose a handwriting that you like and also save some money. You can create your own design and get it printed at Pietra Paper Design or choose to create each handwritten invitation on your if you have enough time.

Guide for creating DIY wedding cards

If you have decided that you want to create your own wedding invitations, here is a quick guide to help you. 

  1. Decide the design: The first step is to pick and decide the design for the invitation. This will help you decide other things like type of paper, lettering and any personal touch that you wish to add. You can pick from simple to more intricate and elaborate designs. 
  2. Pick the paper: Once the design is finalised, you need to pick the paper on which you wish to print the invitations. There are various options to choose from like card stock, cotton fibre or clear vellum paper. The paper that suits you depends on the design and the budget.
  3. Crafting the content: You can choose to type and print the content for having a uniform look, hand lettering is an option if you want to create a more personalised invite. 
  4. Adding the personal touch: You can choose a custom wedding logo or a monogram as wedding stamp. This gives you an easy way to quickly add a crisp and unique design to the invitation and envelopes. You can also use a personalised embosser for a polished look.

Benefits of designing DIY wedding invites

Are you wondering why so many people choose to create their own wedding invitation? Here are some benefits of making your own wedding invitations that makes it a popular choice among couples these days.

  • Cost saving: When you hire a professional to create your wedding invitation, they charge you significantly more than the DIY cost. In today’s times there are so many affordable tools and easy-to-use templates, you have the power in your hands and can save some cost by doing a DIY job.
  • All you need, are a few clicks: With so many editing tools at your disposal, you can create incredible wedding invitation with just a few clicks. 
  • A personalised invitation: You can personalise your wedding invitation as much as you want when you are doing a DIY job. You can tweak each invitation such that it includes a personal greeting. If you value sustainable practices you can choose a biodegradable paper. 
  • The process is fun: It is obvious that wedding planning can be very stressful. With so many things to take care of and strict deadlines to adhere, you are bound to feel overwhelmed. Designing your wedding card gives you a chance to relax as you play with colours, designs and textures. 

Ideas to create a unique DIY wedding card

Here are some favourites for creating unique wedding invitations that grab attention and are fun to create.

  • A wedding logo: Custom personalised wedding logos add to the elegance of wedding invites. They are a great way to include important information while creating an aesthetically appealing design. So pick up a font and one of the wedding colours that are trending and you are ready to create your own wedding logo.
  • Wax seal: Wax seals are an old-fashioned embellishment that add a luxurious look to the invitation. 
  • Ribbon: A ribbon helps keep all pieces of the invitations together and helps engage the guests in a small experience with the theme of your wedding while opening the invitation. 
  • Pocket folds: If your wedding invitation has three or more elements, you should consider adding pocket folds. They are functional and look super cute. 

Your big day is a great opportunity for you to unveil your creative side and play with paper textures, colour palettes and designs. A DIY wedding card will help you create an invitation that is a true reflection of you and your better half’s personality. 

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