Four Creative Yet Amazing Ideas To Assess Students Online


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Over the last few decades, the Student assessment process has changed significantly. Though there is always something special about the old-fashioned pencil & paper assessment, the latest technologies are now evolving day-to-day assessment methods.

Before going further with the strategies to assess students with an online process, you need to first understand the assessment process with a short guide.

What do you mean by the term assessment?

In simple words, assessment is a process in which information is to be gathered on the basis of a student’s knowledge of the educational experience, and later on, the result declared can be used to for further identification of different areas of improvement to assure meeting the needs with desired contents.

Purpose of assessment

The supreme goal of the assessment process is to clearly evaluate as well as improve the student’s learning, however, the central objective may vary as per the type of assessment done.

Now it’s time for us to define different methods of evaluating Students Online!

Several approaches for the evaluation of students are:-

  • Online quizzes
  • Essay based questions
  • Drag & drop activities
  • Traditional Online interviews
  • Dialogue-simulations
  • Online-polls
  • Game-based activities
  • Peer evaluation & review
  • Forum-posts

But we will focus on some of the creative ideas to assess students online.

Online Quizzes

Traditional yet the best possible assessment tool when paired with the latest technology. It is an excellent strategy to engage the learning of the students. There can be various types of Quiz based questions like multiple-choice, objective-based, fill-in-the-blanks, or hotspots based assessments. The most important benefit of online quizzes is they are short & easy to assess.

Create an online quiz:-

One can easily create online quizzes for its students through eLearning tools. Just select the correct template and then you are ready to put together a whole set of quizzes for the students quickly & easily. The process of creating a quiz will be much easier for you if you already have experience in PowerPoint. (check out a guide)

Dialogue Simulations

It is a good way to train the learners for real-life scenarios related to customers, colleagues, or other persons. By creating a conversation-activity-based assessment on the given situation, you can let a student face don’ts and do’s of his working place and let him know about what to expect, thus providing a secure place to practice the reactions & responses of your students.

Create a dialogue simulation:-

With the help of simple slides, you can create activities that are similar to the dialogue simulations. You can make use of online tools also to design conversational simulations easily.

Online Polls

When it comes to capturing the feedback of your targeted audience directly about their academic learning experience then there is no doubt that Online Polls are satisfactory. They are highly engaging & can allow students to share their opinions, and let themselves be heard with a quick & reliable process.

Creating an online poll question:-

Some built-in tools and specialized online platforms can help you to create, analyze as well as send the surveys. 

Game-Based Activities

Game-based assessment through the activities can put in front a series of questions in terms of a game. It can be like a trivia game that is fun-loving and not typically considered an exam or test. They are good indicators of skills & knowledge. You can make use of them to enhance students’ learning in terms of promoting the development of a non-cognitive skillset like discipline, risk-taking, problem-solving approach, collaboration, etc.

Creating game-based activities:-

In order to create interactive learning-based games, you can use online applications to allow yourself to create a set of interactive games as well as utilize engaging quizzes for quick & easy assessment.

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