Dance shoes: What to buy and why!

Dance shoes

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If your kid has just started at the dance school, it’s high time to get her a pair of branded dance shoes. They are pretty different from the regular girl shoes and is one way to pull off her confidence at the ballet class! 

Girls dance shoes come in versatile colours, types and styles to match distinct dance types. What makes them different is their structure. Dance shoes are lightweight and highly flexible with intricate foot moves. Some shoes also come with additional arch support for those extended practice sessions. 

Knowing the types

Be it activewear or shoes, every type of dance requires distinctly designed footwear. You cannot wear a pair of ballet shoes to a jazz class, which makes no sense! However, if you have just put your girl at the dance school, here are some prevalent girls dance shoes you must know,

  • Ballet shoes: It is the most girls shoe you would come across! These shoes come in versatile colours and, if your kid is presently starting with ballet, a pair of satin ballet shoes are the best to buy. Most ballet shoes have heels with thick soles for extra support. On the flip side, the arches have thinner soles so that there is some extra space for flexibility. As your kid advances, you can also get her a pair of non-heeled ballet shoes. Be it leather, satin or canvas.
  • Tap shoes: Tap dances are incomplete without tapping to the beats along the floor with these shoes. If your kid wants to learn tap dance, the first thing to do will be to buy a pair of tap shoes. Tap shoes have metals on the toe side so that they infuse the tapping sound rhythmically. Additionally, they have a distinct heel plate to produce a different tap sound!
  • Jazz shoes: As the name implies, jazz shoes are for jazz dancers and are often black leather shoes designed for extra flexibility. Unlike ballet shoes, they have low heels to match twirling moves. Jazz shoe heels made out of rubber are excellent shock absorbers. 
  • Pointe shoes: Pointe shoes are ballet shoes but for advanced ballerinas. Their heel is offbeat as they have a box platform that can hold the toe firmly. Some pointe shoes have extra wings for additional support to the toe while spinning and hopping. 

Perks of using dance shoes

In most cases, dance shoes aren’t an option but a necessity. So, here are some convincing reasons of how they benefit the dancer,

1. They match dance floors

Most parents would not have paid a visit to the dance floors and they have no idea about its surface. Most dance floors are gliding and have spots that can cause trouble to the feet without the right dance shoes. In short, they lack grip and are slippery and only a pair of dance shoes can work on them with no trouble. Dance shoes have suede soles with anti-slippage properties.

2. Happier feet

Be it ballet or tap, and most dances put so much pressure on your little one’s tiny foot to get every spin and glide done right! Dance shoes, unlike regular shoes, have arch support that distributes the pressure evenly though you only use the heel extra! 

3. Aid in acquiring balance

Also, ballet requires intense stability and an impulsive balance of the foot on toes, which only a pair of ballet shoes can provide. On the bottom line, dance shoes designed for every type lessens the pain and is one way to get away with invasive dance sessions. 

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