Eyelid Surgery Recovery: 5 Top Things You Can Expect

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

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If you are preparing to have eyelid surgery, it’s important to know what to expect so you can experience faster healing.

The process of eyelid surgery recovery varies between patients, but there are some key things to know.

Here are some things that you can expect after this type of surgery, so you’re ready to deal with the healing process in the best way possible.

Common Side Effects

After your Eyelid Surgery, you may experience a few mild side effects including a noticeable sensitivity to light. Some patients also experience blurred vision, which is typically caused by the lubricating ointment your doctor will give you.

Other side effects you may experience during eyelid surgery recovery include watery eyes, puffy eyelids, and double vision. Many patients also experience mild pain or slight discomfort, which diminishes over time.

You may also notice some swelling or bruising that looks similar to having a black eye. Keep in mind that all of these side effects should only last for a short while. If any of these side effects get worse or don’t improve, contact your doctor right away.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time

For most patients, the time it takes to recover from eyelid surgery is broken down into three parts. First, you will notice bruising of the eyelid, then swelling, and then the maturation of the incision or scar.

Bruising should go away first, and typically lasts between two to three weeks, possibly slightly longer. Next, you will experience some swelling that could last as long as eight weeks or even more. The swelling process will improve slowly, so patience is key.

Finally, remember that you will have some small scarring from the surgical incision. This scarring could take up to a year or longer before they finally improve. It could take anywhere from five to 10 days after your eyelid surgery to go back to work or drive a motor vehicle.

Tips to Speed up the Recovery Process

After your surgery, you will need to have someone drive you home since your vision will be blurry. Make sure that you are able to take at least one to two weeks off to rest and recover and avoid complications.

Use ice packs on your eyes and make sure that you use them constantly during the first three days after your surgery. Clean your eyelids often, using a soft cloth and some lukewarm water. Never rub or scratch your eyes.

Make sure that you use the eye drops or ointment that you’re prescribed per the instructions. Do not wear contact lenses for around two weeks after the surgery, and sleep with your head raised above your chest for the first few days.

See Clearly and Recover

Keep this information in mind while undergoing eyelid surgery recovery. With the right medication and some patience, you can experience a short recovery time and get back to doing the things you love.

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