Family Halloween Activities

Family Halloween Activities
Little kids trick or treating

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

The air is feeling quite spooky these days; can you feel it? This time between summer and the holiday season is a special one. A time for treats, a time for tricks, and a time to be silly with the ones you love. There is so much more to it than eating the gobs of candy the kids will bring home from their trick-or-treat excursion. Make this year a special one by trying something different with your family. Below are some ideas to get you in the mood for monsters!

Goblin Game Time

With sunny summer days waning and the drizzly days of fall approaching, you may be looking for some indoor activities for your family to enjoy. Online games are one of the joys of inside playtime on a rainy day. While the little tykes in your life might get a kick out of an online Halloween-themed puzzle, the teens and tweens maybe into something more along the lines of an online escape room. 

If you are trying to cut down on tablet time and want something a little more interactive you might try something like the classic toilet paper mummy game or a Halloween-themed game of hide-and-seek (find the pumpkin, anyone?). Older kids may even go for a round or two of Halloween Charades. Hosting murder mystery or costume parties are two other great ways to have some Halloween fun inside with the kids. 

Ominous Outdoor Fun

There will certainly be some rainy days during the fall season, but they won’t all be rainy. The cool, crisp air and colorful fall leaves make it the perfect time to spend some time in the great outdoors. The usual fun like corn mazes, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating are all great ways to spend an afternoon with the family. If you want to go above and beyond, put together a Halloween Scavenger Hunt around your yard or neighborhood with the final destination being a pile of special treats. Another option may be to make the best of a cool night by building a fire around which to tell scary stories. 

Creepy Cooking

Along with mounds of candy that will be collected from your neighbors, fall and Halloween are the perfect time to put your culinary skills to work. Apple and pumpkin are two popular and versatile flavors that are easy to get creative with. Whether it’s mulled apple cider or pumpkin cream cheese muffins, there is nothing like a house filled with the scent of warm fall flavors. Get the little ones involved by letting them decorate their own spooky-looking cookies or go all-out and make a haunted gingerbread house!

Spooky Snuggles

After a long day of playing games, visiting haunted houses, and making Halloween treats, it’s probably time for a little rest and relaxation. There are so many ways to both relax and keep up the Halloween fright! A monster movie marathon can be the perfect place to start. The movies can be as goofy or as terrifying as you want, but a flick and a big bowl of popcorn is the perfect way to relax with family. Snuggling up with a scary book is another great way to spend your downtime. If you’ve got chores to finish and want to do so at a leisurely pace, pop in your headphones and try out a scary story podcast like Spooked or The Creeping Hour. These listens will have you so enthralled your work will be done before you know it!

The options are endless when it comes to having a little Halloween fun. You can make it as scary or as mellow as you like. Whether you go all out with extravagant parties or enjoy some downtime baking with family, these special moments are ones that your family will remember forever. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of day-to-day life. Setting this time aside to spend with the family will provide you with the rejuvenation you need to get back to work with a clear head.