High Variance Slots vs. Low Variance

High Variance Slots vs. Low Variance slots

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

There have been countless exciting and ultimately very important innovations in the history of the worldwide gambling industry, but it is pretty much impossible to say that anything has had anywhere near as much of an impact as the invention of slot machines. This was true even back in the late 19th century, where Charles D. Fey caused a frenzy of excitement after launching his Liberty Bell machine, however these days it is the online slots world that takes all the glory. In the 21st century online slots have become so successful that they are unarguably the most popular type of gambling game in the entire world, something that is largely as a result of their awe-inspiring complexity. Online slots at Slots Baby Canada are far away from Mr Fey’s Liberty Bell, for example, and it means that there are lots of new things that gamblers these days have to make sure they are on top of. One of these things is slot variance – keep reading for a discussion on high variance slots vs. low variance slots. 

What are high variance slots? 

Right then, before we get into properly exploring the versus battle between high variance and low variance slots we first need to get to grips with exactly what these things even are. Let’s take a look at high variance slots first, what are they? Well, high variance slots are basically slot games that are slightly more volatile than usual, which means that their pay-outs can come less frequently, but when they do they are much bigger than usual. 

The most extreme example of a high variance slot are progressive jackpot slots, however there are also many high variance slots that have normal jackpots. One thing to remember on high variance slots is that larger bets will be rewarded much more handsomely, however there is obviously more risk involved too. 

What are low variance slots? 

That’s high variance slots out of the way, but what about low variance slots? In many ways low variance slots are the exact opposite of high variance slots, in that they can guarantee a steady succession of slot wins, although these will all be a lot smaller than anything you would find on a high variance slot. 

With low variance slots you are actually better off placing lots of smaller bets, because when you win the jackpots will be too small to benefit a large wager. 

Reasons to prefer high variance slots 

The battle between high variance slots and low variance slots is ultimately a subjective one, so let’s give a few reasons why people prefer high variance slots: 

·         Big jackpots: One thing you cannot argue with in regard to high variance slots is the fact that there is ample opportunity to score huge jackpots

·         Excitement: In many ways high variance slots are the most fun you can have in the slot gambling world! 

Reasons to prefer low variance slots 

Whilst high variance slots tend to be more exciting than low variance slots, there are still plenty of reasons why you would prefer low variance slots too: 

·         Bankroll: In most cases low variance slots will be better for your bankroll.

·         Getting wins under your belt: Because you’re more likely to win on low variance slots they are great for just getting wins under your belt.

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