5 Home Renovation Essentials for a Successful Project

Home Renovation

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Taking on a home renovation can give a serious boost to your living quarters. But do you have the right tools and tactics to ensure your project doesn’t get out of hand? The last thing you want is to be stuck with a massive — or expensive — mess. 

Stick around to find out about the 5 home renovation essentials for a successful project!

1. Establish a Reasonable Timeline

Are you hoping to add a patio or deck before you hit summer? If so, you want to allow weeks, or even months, for your new outdoor space to take shape. Keep in mind that other people will be seeking materials and builders, too, so you might have to get in line.

Be realistic about time frames and understand that delays can happen. Any disruptions to the supply chain can translate into longer wait times for materials like lumber or appliances. 

2. Set a Budget and Stick With It

No home renovation guide is complete without mentioning the budget. You’ll need to account for materials and labor. But the expenses won’t end there.

Don’t overlook necessities like storage units or a dumpster for home use. You’ll need a secure space to stash furniture. You’ll also need a dumpster for old appliances, cabinets, and trash.

Set a budget that doesn’t draw down all of your savings. And if you have a pile of existing debt, consider paying that off first. 

3. Find the Best Contractors for Home Renovation

It’s wise to interview contractors and ask for reviews before signing any contracts. Look at websites and read online reviews for more direct feedback.

You also should ask about their approach to home renovation planning. Will they provide a formal estimate? And how many subcontractors will they use?

A contractor should give you a clear answer without much waffling. If they’re unresponsive or you don’t gel with their design aesthetic, look elsewhere!

4. Pick the Renovations that Offer the Best Returns

If you’re going to enhance a room, start with the one that can enhance your home’s value most. This generally means going with a kitchen or bathroom. It also could mean installing a new roof.

These are investments that can pay off if you’re planning to sell your home soon. Similarly, if you have room to add a bonus space, increasing the square footage can pay off later.

5. Add Permits to Your Home Renovation Checklist

Don’t forget to get clearance for your project from the powers that be. This means checking in with the local zoning commission or homeowner’s association if you pursue any exterior projects. You might need a permit, and you might need to go before the commission.

For indoor updates to kitchens and bedrooms, you won’t need to do this. But anything that changes the silhouette or character of your home may require permission.

Make a Home Renovation Checklist

When you start a home renovation project, get your bearings first with your budget and checklist. Ask for referrals and interviews so you can secure the most reliable contractors. And get the best return on your investment by refreshing a kitchen or other popular space.

Ready to build the house of your dreams? Check back for more home renovation tips!

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