Steps to Take Before Starting a Renovation Project in an HOA Community

Steps to Take Before Starting a Renovation Project in an HOA Community

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Ali Hamza

A lot of homeowners in HOA communities conduct major renovations to improve the appearance of their homes. Renovations need to be planned property, no matter how minor it is. The last thing a homeowner wants is to get a call from their HOA requesting them to shut down an unauthorized project and possibly face a fine in the middle of a major renovation project. Thankfully, a homeowner can minimize the risk of violations by taking some steps. Below are actions they can take to start a renovation project on the right foot. 

Read the HOA Official Guidebook

The guidebook or CC&Rs of an HOA contains the rules and regulations that govern an HOA community. It should inform an owner if their renovation plans fall under the standards required by the community. If an HOA has hired one of the best phoenix hoa management companies, community members can reach out to the management team to get an answer before they move forward. The team can help owners prepare the required documentation to submit when getting approval from the board.

Get Approved First

Homeowners must not start a renovation project without getting the association’s approval. If they don’t get approval, they may face a violation notice or fine or be asked to cancel the project. Some projects do not require approval from the association including interior wall painting, updating countertops and cabinets, as well as replacing appliances. 

Again, the HOA management team can answer a homeowner’s questions regarding their request. Generally, they must submit a request for exterior alterations. If in doubt, they should seek HOA approval. 

Get Permits

Depending on the renovations’ extent, the HOA and city may require permits for the job to start. Apart from getting HOA approval, a homeowner may also need to get city approval. Usually, this requirement can be handled by a contractor.

Respect Your Neighbor

Before you start a renovation project, inform your neighbors first. This can help avoid awkward situations or board complaints that could delay the progress of your project.

Does your HOA board need help in reviewing and approving renovation requests from homeowners? If so, the right HOA management company has the experience and tools to accelerate the process. Make sure you work with management experts who understand renovation regulations. HOA management companies are a great resource for homeowners and the board in terms of initiating renovation projects. They can help the board make important decisions with less stress.

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